Radha Mohan 27th September 2022 Written Episode Update


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Radha Mohan 27th September 2022 kidnappers are burying Radha in the grave as quickly as possible; Mohan is driving towards the warehouse with immense tension.

Ketki and Rahul both try to convince Gungun how they cannot put Bhagwan jee in water like this, Gungun mentions that teachers punish those students who make a mistake so Bihari jee should also feel as if she has punished him and would not take him out of the water until he helps her bring back Radha.

Radha slowly opens her eyes wondering why she is not able to move her legs and what has happened to her voice so what should she do. Kaveri starts creating a scene questioning what this girl is doing as now a child would punish Bhagwan,

Kadambari asks if she forgot the three scenarios and this time a child is the one arguing with Bhagwan, he would also have to listen to Bhagwan. Ajit is impressed with her when Kadambari prays to Bihari jee so he can accept the prayers of Gungun.

Radha is trying to struggle when the kidnappers keep pushing the dirt in the grave, Radha wonders what is happening to her and why is she not able to yell, they manage to cover her with dirt. Kaveri is worried of what might happen if the prayers of Gungun are accepted, she instructs Damini to go and check if Radha has died.

The kidnappers manage to cover Radha when one of them argues if she can come out, he reveals the injection which they have given her would render her arms and legs useless and even she would not be able to speak meaning she will witness her death with open eyes.

The entire Trivedi family is praying for Gungun while Radha also prays for help accepting, she cannot fight with her legs but would surely win the fight against this with the pipe, Radha with all her might manages to push the rod out of the mud causing her to breathe while the flute of Bihari jee also moves, Radha wonders what they have done to her which is why she cannot breathe.

The kidnappers see Mohan approaching so get worried but when Mohan steps out of the car he starts calling to Radha not knowing she is buried in the dirt, he after a while thinks that no one is here while just standing over her. Mohan turning back feels something so gets a little restless. Radha tries her best to call him but she is not able to speak. Mohan thinks why he felt as if Radha is somewhere near him, he once again calls Radha.

The kidnappers are hiding, Mohan leaves when he is not able to find Radha, the kidnappers breathe a sigh of relief so wish to leave as soon as possible otherwise he might return, the kidnapper gets a call from Damini assuring he has buried her in the dirt so now she would not be saved, and their work has ended along with that of Radha. Mohan hits him on the head so he falls while Damini is still on the call,

Mohan questions the other kidnapper where his Radha is, he doesnot speak so Mohan starts beating them inquiring about Radha, threatening if he is not able to find her then would surely kill them both. Mohan is constantly beating them when one of them takes out a knife from behind and walks with it towards Mohan, however, is stopped by Shekar who is able to reach at the last moment. Shekar can overpower him and even the police arrive. Mohan is left sunned.

The police question where is the girl, Damini thinks she would have to reach the location otherwise they would reveal the entire truth in front of the police.

Mohan is standing while the police keep beating them with a stick inquiring about the location of the girl, Mohan whispers something in the ears of Shekar who goes to instruct the police.

Damini coming reveals she is going to Mohan but Kadambari replies it is not suitable as there would be dangerous situation. Damini explains she would not feel relieved as now the police have also caught the kidnappers of Radha, they all are stunned while Kaveri gets furious. Kadambari questions how Damini knows about it, hearing this Damini is shocked and so hesitantly explains that she got a call from Shekar who informed her, so can she leave now.

Tulsi requests Kadambari to stop Damini as she is going to ruin it all and would not let Mohan reach Radha, Kadambari prays to Bihari jee explaining he has listened to the prayers of the little girl so it is true he doesnot let anyone’s wish leave un granted. Kaveri coming questions why Damini is leaving as they should let Radha die, Damini replies she is just going so the kidnappers do not reveal the truth to Mohan.

The police threaten to break the legs of the kidnappers if they donot tell about Radha but Mohan is not able to bear it so starts beating the kidnappers, he doesnot even listen to the warnings of the police pointing a gun at him, Shekar explains that Mohan has already killed someone and can kill anyone else,

the kidnapper gets scared and is about to reveal the location of Radha but just then Damini comes questioning if they have told the location of Radha, Mohan turns to question him but Damini signals that he should not tell anyone the truth, the kidnapper acts as if he is unconscious. Mohan and Shekar try their best to wake him up but he doesnot respond to them providing the other kidnapper a chance to run away.

Damini notices the pipe in the mud so thinks what kind of brain Radha has since she has found a way to breathe even in the grave, she manages to cover the pipe with her feet which makes it difficult for Radha to breathe. Damini acts as if she is concerned for Radha asking Mohan if something has happened to her while covering the pipe. Damini suggests the person might be lying so it is better they should search the other locations.

Radha feels difficult to breathe and slowly closes her eyes when Mohan stands up to walk and notices the floor is not even he quickly pulls Damini away when Mohan reveals Radha is here, meanwhile the entire family is still praying.

Damini feels that her plan has been ruined as both Mohan and Shekar try their best to dig the grave, Mohan also asks Damini to help them and not just remain standing there. Gungun is still praying in front of Bihari jee.

Damini tries to see what has become of Radha and Mohan after digging a bit is able to reach Radha seeing which Damini is shocked, Mohan also gets really tensed when he sees the eyes of Radha are closed.

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