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Radha Mohan 28th July 2022 Radha vows to go to the mandir with her eyes closed, Tulsi is stunned when Radha exclaims, she would not walk but will crawl with her feet up the stairs of the Mandir, Kaveri is shocked hearing Radha from the window.

Tulsi requests Gungun to convince Radha who exclaims even if Mohan doesnot accept her apology after this then she would do whatever is necessary.

Kaveri rushes down calling Kadambari and the Dadi of Radha, she mentions that Radha has made some vow because she is going to the Mandir with her eyes closed, Rameshwar explains they have to walk a lot of stairs but how is she going to do it with her eyes closed, Kadambari asks why is she going to do it,

Kaveri informs that Radha does anything for the sake of Mohan, everyone gets shocked hearing this when Radha walks down the stairs with Gungun, Dadi questions what is she doing when Kaveri asks her to question why is she doing this should be her question, Kaveri exclaims she is going to do something even more worthwhile if he doesnot accept her apology,

Dadi pulls Radha away while Hriday whispers to Damini that Radha is a character and if she goes to the circus then people would pay to watch her. Damini walks over to Kadambari mentioning she has something to talk with her but Kadambari refuses when she insists it is something important.

Dadi questions Radha what is she doing, they should be grateful that Lata jee is not here since who would wish to see her daughter in law doing this for someone else, Rameshwar also enters when Radha explains she taught they should pay the penance for any mistake which they make, she has hurt the feelings of her Bhagwan, Dadi getting frustrated asks Rameshwar to talk some sense into his daughter.

Damini asks Kadambari if she is not understanding what is going on here, and if Mohan hit Gungun, then what does Radha care, did she see how Radha talked with him while he instead of talking to her is more worried about the marriage of Radha,

Damini in frustration exclaims that he never talked properly with her for even a moment but now he is more worried about Radha and even started teaching her English. Kadambari gets furious at Damini questioning what does she think of herself as she is standing in front of her mother-in-law and not her friend with whom she can talk in such a way,

Damini apologizes explaining that she is tensed so behaved in such a way, Kadambari explains she must not forget the way to Mohan’s heart is through Gungun and she was never able to get near her, Radha however managed to befriend Gungun in just two months so she must take care of herself,

and the relation with Mohan since he is only marrying her because of Gungun and doesnot love her so she must try to work on her relation and never think that Mohan is humble as he can understand it all.
Damini in frustration calls Hriday explaining he has to do a work for her, she starts explaining it to him so he also agrees to it, Damini thinks Mohan is already angry with Radha so now it is time to turn that anger into hatered.

Rameshwar informs Radha that it is not worthwhile crawling up a thousand stairs as it might hurt her knees, Radha replies she would have to do it as she is a Bhagt. Radha explains how her mother used to say the reason they pray with closed eyes is because they cannot see anything besides the feelings of the Bhagt and Bhagwan, she has hurt her Mohan jee so would surely do it. Gungun informs Rameshwar that Radha’s promise is like this, she would surely do it as she also stood on one leg when her Geeta was lost. Gungun rushes explaining she knows what she must do.

Kadambari asks Mohan to let go of his anger as Radha also apologized, Mohan exclaims this is right of her as now she is blackmailing to make him feel emotional, he doesnot care for it. Gungun entering the room explains she is not doing this to make anyone feel sorry but she herself is tensed about what happened, Gungun asks what would he fee if anything happens to Radha. Mohan refuses but she says she knows he feels worried about her but then why is he not saying it clearly.

Dadi in anger exclaims Radha would not listen like this so she starts removing the blinds to which Radha refuses, Hriday asks her to stop mentioning it is about the believe and since Radha is about to become his wife then it is his duty to make sure it is fulfilled, he will accompany Radha to the Mandir. Dadi blesses him asking Radha to see that she has found a suitable match for her.

Hriday asks Radha if she is fine, Radha thanks him for believing in her as Mohan jee is her Bhagwan and he should think how he would feel if his Radharani got angry with him. Hriday exclaims they would have to believe how Bihari jee made her with utmost care. Hriday starts staring at her as she is speaking before closing the door, he slowly walks behind her looking at the dress from behind, he starts getting close to her and is just about to touch her hand when she quickly picks it up.

Hriday is then about to touch her but Gungun yells at him to stay away, he is stunned as she enters the room asking Hriday to stay away from Radha, she questions what is he doing in this room. Gungun explains that she along with her mother, Radha and Mohan were a perfect family but he ruined it all. Radha questions why is she getting angry with Hriday as he is going to take her to the Mandir, Gungun replies there is no need as she would take her. Hriday thinks that Gungun always comes in between her but today he is going to take care of it all.

Kadambari asks Mohan to stop Radha, he informs there is just a fine line between madness so she must think it through and go back to her room. Gungun requests him to talk in a proper manner. Damini also asks her what is this behavior, she replies that this is her penance. Mohan leaves to his room. Dadi exclaims that if Radha has decided then she would go with Hriday,

Gungun refsu8es to accept it saying she would be the one to take Radha but he can also come if he likes. Hriday is walking out with Radha and Gungun when Damini stops him from behind, she prays Tulsi is not around. She hands him the keys explaining no matter how much he loves Radha, Mohan cares the most about Radha so he must do something that would make him hate Radha,

Mohan would not leave anyone if Gungun is harmed, Hriday exclaims he also has to take revenge from that child. Mohan is looking at Radha and Gungun, he thinks of how he wishes to stop her today but it would not happen as he cannot always accept her decisions.

Radha is standing at the base of the Mandir stairs where she starts praying, Radha kneels exclaiming she has always asked Bihari jee for his help but today she is going to pray that he makes her penance so painful that she is not able to bear it as she wants to give herself the same pain which she gave Mohan jee.

Gungun also asks her to think it through as if she walks on her knees hen it would cause a lot of pain to her, Radha assures she should not worry about herself as the pain would be a sign of her penance. Hriday looking around thinks Gungun should not worry about Radha but herself as Damini just asked him to cause an injury but she is not aware of the pain she is going to suffer, Radha starts walking up the stairs of the Mandir with her knees,

Gungun also follows standing beside her, Radha is thinking how she blamed Mohan that he should become both the father and mother to Gungun but how can he know it all since he never understood the pain of his father. The people watching Radha exclaims the Bhagti should be like her as if they all are like her then Bhagwan would himself come to meet them. Radha manages to walk up the stairs of the mandir.

Hriday looking at the stairs thinks that this is the right place to push her but he would have to do it properly since if she is alive then would reveal the truth about him, he sees the wet mud so thinks this is the right place but Gungun is walking on the other side. Hriday tries to help Radha as she is about to fall but Gungun asks him to not touch Radha,

he exclaims he was just trying to help her so Gungun replies if he thinks she came here to buy toys. Radha mentions she cannot take her help as she would have to do it herself, Hriday agrees asking Gungun if she should fix her Lehenga as it is stuck.

Radha while walking is about to tip over when she sees the wed mud and so just as Gungun is about to step on it, Radha warns her about the wet mud, she indicates the place which is dry so she can walk. Hriday thinks she can even watch everything even if her eyes are tied.
Mohan is sitting on the bed when Tulsi coming asks why is he not going to sop Radha, even when they both are tensed. Mohan looking at the portrait asks why is she laughing. Tulsi exclaims she doesnot like his stubbornness so feels like slapping him.

Radha is crawling when she apologizes to Hriday and Gungun because they have to suffer a lot because of him, Gungun however refuses to leave her site explaining that she would only go back with Radha by her side. Gungun suggests that she should at least walk to the Mandir but Radha explains the pain if part of her penance.

Hriday exclaims he is a grown up but Radha is still a child so he is taking her down with him. Hriday explains that she would first have to go down if she wishes to go back up, because by doing it she would go to Bihari jee and not Radha, Hriday pushes Gungun from the stairs.

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