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Radha Mohan 28th September 2022 Mohan and Shekar work restlessly to unearth Radha from the grave, Mohan finally manages to reach Radha but seeing her is stunned since she is not even breathing, he manages to pull her out before placing her on the floor. Damini is relieved to see it and starts smiling.

Mohan tries to wake her up requesting that she open her eyes but Radha doesnot respond, Shekar exclaims she was in there for a lot of time so something might have happened to her, Mohan says if he has gotten mad as nothing can happen to her, he tries a lot to wake Radha. Shekar kneeling checks the pulse on her wrist, he informs Mohan that there is no pulse, he is stunned hearing this while Damini is relieved.

Mohan questions what he means there is no pulse, Mohan holding Radha against his chest assures he would not let anything happen to her, Damini thinks he must prepare for the last rituals as Radha has gone to her Bihari jee.

Mohan is crying hugging Radha as he recalls how she saved his life in the forest; they both befriended each other, and she was always there at times of turmoil. Mohan is crying restlessly thinking she even sucked all the snake venom from his body. Mohan holds her more tightly when Damini also requests Radha to open her eyes, Mohan yells the name of Radha while Damini is relieved.

Mohan recalls how he saw Gungun hitting her doll on the chest when he asked what she is doing, he recalls Gungun said that it is CPR, meaning Cardio Preliminary Resistitation, Gungun explains Miss Rosie said that if the heart of someone stops then they can do this to revive them. Mohan replies that the technique is wrong so can he teach her,

Gungun allows him so she can see how much he knows, he sitting explains they need to put one hand over the other and keeping the hands straight must exert the entire body weight, he also informs they have to do it at least seventy to eighty times or until the breath of the patient returns as in this way they would be able to save the life of the patient.

Mohan quickly puts Radha on the floor while he starts performing the CPR, Damini questions what he is doing but Mohan doesnot listen and he even blows air through her mouth seeing which Damini is furious, she get tensed thinking her plan might fail.

Mohan keeps on blowing the air and Damini is not able to do anything but see him, Mohan keeps on blowing the air, Damini thinks the desire of Radha got fulfilled after she died so why should she feel any problem as they must fulfill the last wish, Radha suddenly coughs seeing which Damini is stunned.

Mohan quickly hugs Radha, she slowly opens her eyes to see Mohan sitting in front of her, Radha takes his name with tears filled in her eyes. Mohan is not able to say anything else but just hugs Radha while also crying restlessly. Mohan assures nothing would happen to her. Damini however is furious.

Mohan enters the house with Radha while Damini also follows her, Gungun seeing Radha coming immediately rushes to hug her and even the entire Trivedi family is relieved, Tulsi thanks Bihari jee for making sure Radha comes back to them safely. Kadambari explains they all got scared to think where she might be, Radha asks Gungun to stop crying as she doesnot look good.

Radha is stunned to see Bihari jee in water, so questions what has happened when Kadambari explains Gungun placed Bihari jee in water for her safe return as she wanted to punish Bihari jee for always putting Radha in danger, so Radha informs to Gungun how they should do anything of the sort as Bihari jee never puts anyone in danger without a purpose, she going picks him off the water.

Ajit hands her th cloth which she uses to dry Bihari jee while also correcting the flute in his hand. Radha prays to Bihari jee that Gungun did it all during the emotions as she doesnot know whatever happens is because of a reason and is according to the will of Bihari jee. Gungun apologizes assuring that she would not do anything like this again and will also bring the chocolate tomorrow.

Mohan replies it all happened because of him and he apologizes to Radha for making her stand outside so she got in this trouble, Radha replies he must not talk like this when Mohan explains she got in trouble because of him, Radha says even he saved her life as her breaths stopped and if he was not there then she will not be alive, Kadambari is not able to understand so asks what happened,

Radha reveals they buried her in the ground causing her breath to stop, Mohan then gave her a new life, he informs he gave her CPR, Ketki is relieved that Radha is safe but wonders who were these people who desired to take her life as they were not in it for money otherwise would have demanded ransom, so what was their concern or was it on the orders of someone.

Mohan reveals that Shekar is trying to find out the truth and she must promise to not leave this house like this again, Radha replies she will not make any promise which she will not be able to fulfill as she would have to leave this house after some time. Mohan explains what the point is as she would leave after telling a lie,

Radha replies this would not happen again as she will only leave after informing him. Gungun warns Mohan it is enough as he is scolding Radha when she just returned, she also asks Radha to not argue with Mohan and leaves explaining they both fight like tom and jerry.

Mohan brings Radha to the room where Gungun is sitting on top of the cupboard, Radha asks her to come down when Gungun replies what is the point as they will once again argue, she explains they both must promise and even Radha agrees to not leave. Mohan picks Gungun so she can come down, Radha seeing Mohan is not able to take her eyes off him, Gungun starts smiling when Mohan puts her down.

Mohan is really furious with Radha explaining she will leave whenever she desires, Radha holding her ears assures nothing like this would happen and she will never leave, Gungun starts smiling so hugs Radha but Mohan pulls her back explaining Radha is all sweaty.

Mohan mentions she must tell him a truth about why she left the house and what was the reason which forced her to return, Radha recalls how she saw the proof in the Mandir, Damini wonders why Radha is not saying anything. Radha thinks she must now tell Mohan the truth about Hriday, that someone from the house was working with him

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