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Radha Mohan 29th September 2022 Mohan demands to know one of the truth, Radha questions what he is asking about, when Mohan questions she must tell him why Radha sent the fake letter and left the house while what caused her to return, Damini thinks even she wants to know the reason Radha returned.

Radha thinks she found out the truth about Hriday and how he practiced before entering the house, and the Pandit jee said they would surely be able to recognize the women. Radha reveals she left as she thought she was a burden on them but returned thinking she would not be able to live without them,

Tulsi starts smiling exclaiming she returned because of the love and care for Mohan and Gungun but Mohan is not able to believe it exclaiming she is once again lying to him and he doesnot want to talk with her neither should she try, Radha questions how is it possible she can live without talking to him.

Mohan explains there is no point in making such faces and she must tell him what is going on, Radha exclaims she came back because she wants to make him hold the pooja but Gungun doesnot want to accept it, Mohan asks Gungun to question what the need for this pooja is.

Radha replies she knows tomorrow is an auspicious day and she felt that when the entire family is facing such problems so she thought how they all should take the blessings of Bihari jee, especially for Gungun which is why he should be present in the pooja. Mohan asks Gungun to tell her that he will come to the pooja before leaving. Gungun warns her to tell Mohan soon that she loves him otherwise she would herself tell him, Gungun leaves without listening to Radha.

Tulsi is standing when she hears Radha exclaims, she would surely find out the truth regarding the real culprit after which neither Mohan nor Gungun would have any problem from her since she is going to leave, Tulsi getting worried questions what she is talking about and why is she so worried.

Damini is standing in the room when Kaveri exclaims Radha had already left but Mohan was still able to revive her, Damini exclaims she felt like killing her at that moment. Damini sitting explains the point is that how did Radha think of lying as she always speaks the truth, and she was nervous when Mohan was questioning her.

She asks if Kaveri knows when someone gets scared, Kaveri doesnot know about it when Damini exclaims it happens when they are hiding the truth. Kaveri wonders how they would be able to find out what is she hiding, Damini finally exclaims she has found the perfect way.

Kadambari standing in front of Radha mentions she is not her mother but was even then scared as if her own daughter got kidnapped, she is glad that Radha returned but knows something might have happened that caused her to return and Radha might be feeling a little nervous telling it Infront of everyone so should inform her about it right now,

Damini and Kaveri standing behind the window signal Kadambari. She insists that Radha should tell the truth as there is nothing to be worried about, Radha reveals she returned because she was missing them all much and wished to come back, Kadambari asks if she feels it is the only thing, but Radha assures, she is not hiding anything when Kadambari leaves.

Kadambari enters the room turning on the light and is stunned that Damini is sitting on the chair, she says that Kadambari Devi who is the head of this family was not able to do make Radha reveal the truth and now she feels that her grip on this family has ended, Kadambari replies that she asked Radha to tell the truth but it could be that there is nothing important,

Damini replies it can also be that she is hiding a very big truth. Damini replies she feels it is time to reveal the news, Kadambari doesnot understand so asks her about it when Damini replies she is talking about the news of her death.

Radha is on the call with Dadi mentioning that she is feeling very troubled lying to Kadambari and wants to tell her the entire truth right now, she however doesnot have the strength to tell her that the life of Mohan and Gungun is in danger,

Tulsi hearing this is also shocked. Radha exclaims how can she tell her that someone from this family was working with Hriday. Tulsi recalls how she saw Damini talking with Hriday secretly and so exclaims she knows that Damini is the one who has been behind it all, she was also the reason of ruining this family before and is doing it again.

Dadi questions what she is going to do when Radha replies they must wait till tomorrow as she will surely come back after revealing the true face of the enemy. Tulsi in frustration vows to surely kill Damini after her truth is revealed.

In the morning Kaveri is reading the horoscope mentioning that her unfinished works would be completed but Damini in frustration throws the newspaper away, Kaveri questions what is she doing as her horoscope is telling such good things about her.

Radha opens the door for the Pandit jee appreciating him for coming, he replies it is nothing to be worried about when Radha mentions she would surely find out the truth about who was working with Hriday, pandit jee assures of telling her as soon as he sees the lady.

Kadambari comes asking Radha who is he, Radha reveals he is the friend of her father and has come for the pooja. Pandit jee reveals she is not the lady when Radha replies she is the mother so cannot do anything wrong.

Kaveri asks Damini to give her the newspaper, there is someone at the door when Kaveri asks them to come inside, Dulari entering explains Pandit jee has exclaimed the pooja is about to start.

Pandit je mentions they all would perform the ritual one by one and even the servants of this house can take part in it, Radha signals the Pandit jee thinking he should tell her about the culprit. Tulsi yells that Damini is the culprit and the one behind everything wrong.

The entire Trivedi family one by one start performing the ritual, Radha is relieved thinking that no one from this family is the culprit. Mohan notices them both signaling so wonders what is going on between Radha and Pandit jee.

Mohan rushes to perform the ritual but is about to drop the horn when Radha stops him from doing it and then they both finish the ritual together, Kadambari thinks she can notice the signs of Bihari jee that Radha is the perfect match for Mohan but she can even then not stop Damini because of her threats.

Damini reaches with her mother when she is furious to see Radha so close with Mohan, Tulsi exclaims the culprit of Radha has arrived and now everything would be revealed.

Kadambari signals Kaveri to come and perform the ritual, while Dadi is still standing there. Radha looking at Kaveri thinks that Pandit jee should signal her but he informs she is also not the women, Radha thinks if this means Damini is the culprit.

Damini starts walking to perform the ritual when Pandit jee recalls how she was the one talking with Hriday and just as she is about to perform it he stops her with his hand, seeing which Damini is stunned. Radha is able to realize this means that Damini is the enemy of this house, she is stunned.

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