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Radha Mohan 2nd September 2022 Radha mentions he would play the flute for Tulsi jee when she was not able to sleep so now, he would have to play it again but this time for Gungun and she is sure that Gungun would also feel the same peace of mind like Tulsi jee. Mohan seeing Gungun leaves the room is distress,

Radha seeing him leave gets worried, Kaveri signals what has she done and even Damini instructs her to think since now Mohan got hurt, she knows he doesnot play the flute. Mohan coming from behind mentions he would play the flute for Gungun. Kaveri turns to see Mohan standing with the flute in his hand, seeing which they all are stunned.

Radha starts smiling seeing Mohan holding the same flute which she made for him and presented it as a gift, she thinks he accepted her gift and did not break it. Mohan walks over to Gungun and Radha,

he sitting on the bed explains whatever Radha has said for Gungun is the truth and if according to her Gungun would feel nice if he plays the flute then he would surely do it, Damini and Kaveri both get jealous seeing Mohan accepting the decisions of Mohan.

Mohan starts playing the flute, Radha seeing him manages to see how he feels while playing it, Tulsi is also smiling hearing the sound,

Gungun after a while starts feeling really calmed and then hugs Radha even more tightly before finally falling asleep, Damini is stunned while Kadambari starts smiling. Mohan is constantly playing the flute siting beside Gungun as she sleeps with a smile o her face.

Kadambari signals Damini and Kaveri how they should leave the room, she only lets Radha and Mohan stay in the room, Damini asks Kadambari if she should also stay in the room with Mohan and Gungun but Kadambari asks her to let it go since Radha and Mohan will surely take care of everything, Damini turns to look at Radha but feels really jealous of her.

Mohan is playing the flute with all his might; Radha is constantly looking at him and Tulsi asks if his tune has also touched her heart so she should understand that he is the person whom she wants to be with.

Mohan finally stops playing the flute and then also falls asleep sitting on the bed, Radha after a while goes to him with a cushion, she tries her best to take the flute from his hand but stops to look at his face,

she is staring at him even while pulling the flute from his hand, she slowly pick the dupatta from his hand before lifting his head to place the cushion. Radha starts smiling seeing him sleeping, she sits beside him holding the flute in her hands.

In the morning Mohan, along with Gungun and Radha are sleeping in the room, he wakes up because of the cushion stumbles, he wakes up realizing that Radha would have placed it here and seeing that she is sleeping on the wet side of the bed, wakes Radha. Mohan explains that the bed is wet,

Radha explains she knows it is wet and Gungun did it last night as she got scared. She says there is no need to be worried as she has already informed the doctor. Mohan explains that she knew about it and even then, slept on the wet bed, Radha hesitantly asks him to not be angry since she wanted to change the clothes of Gungun but she had held her hands so tightly that she was not even able to move.

Mohan questions what is she made up off, Radha doesnot understand what he meant by it. Mohan explains she slept on the wed bed which Gungun had done so did she not feel bad, Radha asks why would she feel bad since Gungun is just a child, Mohan replies but she is not her daughter and only a mother can do this for their children,

Radha replies it is not the case as all those who love children would do it but Mohan disagrees saying that only a mother can do this and she did it for Gungun. Mohan explains he started hating Tulsi when she left him not because of him but because Gungun would be deprived of the love which a daughters get from a mother, he even started hating Bhagwan as he felt this was injustice with Gungun but then Radha came into their lives and she ahs given Gungun the love of a mother.

Radha, mention she has not done a very big thing but only what she was capable off and he has a big heart then her, Mohan stops her from saying anything else, Tulsi requests Mohan to see Radha with how she wants him as she knows he would not get a more suitable companion then Radha and even Gungun will not have a better mother.

Mohan says she should not call him her Bhagwan as he doesnot know why she thinks like this, but in reality, she has done a lot for him. He holds her hand explaining that she is his Bhagwan, he kneels in front of Radha so she questions what is he doing, he mentions they always have to stand by their Bhagwan and she is her Bhagwan, if this means they take all of their problems then he feels she is her Bhagwan,

if they take away all of their problems and are always there to fill their lives with happiness and the one who protects them from falling, gives them strength in times of difficulty then he she is his Bhagwan. The portrait which Gungun made comes out from under the bed, Radha recalls how Gungun made the portrait for a person whom Radha wants to marry.

Mohan explains that he only bowed in front of two people first his mother and the Tulsi but now he is going to bow in front of her, Radha starts crying. Kadambari is looking at Mohan from the door thinking if her thoughts are true and Radha Mohan along with Gungun are meant to be family, is Radha the right choice for Mohan. Tulsi exclaims she is right to think Radha is the best choice for Mohan.

Radha starts weeping seeing Mohan kneeling in front of her, Damini however gets furious to hear what Kadambari is thinking.

Kaveri is dancing in the room when Damini enters to see her mother doing the dance so she turns off the television when Kaveri questions why did she turn off the tv after seeing how nice she was dancing, she can also go in the dance India dance. Damini explains that Radha is the one dancing and Kadambari is thinking of also getting Radha married to Mohan.

Kaveri questions what is she talking about as Kadambari has given her a vow to get her married, and even Mohan is engaged to her. Damini replies she doesnot feel the same since she saw Kadambari saying that Radha is the right choice for Mohan, Kaveri questions how is Damini so clam as Kadambari would ruin their plan,

Damini vows to not let it happen as she would end the fate of Radha, Kaveri exclaims it cannot happen as they both have tried everything but she manages to come back safe and sound, Damini vows to get her killed this time since she wants to spend her life with Mohan, Kaveri instructs her to be calm as the ghost would surely protect her. Damini thinks she can fight anyone for Mohan, Damini then calls someone explaining she wants to meet him.

Radha also kneels in front of Mohan explaining he has tears in his eyes so is he crying, Mohan explains this was just because of the dirt that filled his eyes, Radha then asks the reason he is crying but he refuses, she explains she can see it clearly so he must not lie. Mohan threatens to cut her hair if she tells anyone that he was crying,

Mohan informs she is the only one who gives him so much happiness that he starts crying, he doesnot know but feels everything in his life is connected with her, along with happiness and pain, Mohan wipes them off but seeing Radha cry explains even her eyes have been filled with the same dirt,

he gets up to leave but turning back threatens to cut her hair if she tells anyone, Mohan seeing Tulsi questions why is she laughing at him and then mentions he was talking to Tulsi, she exclaims he can even now not express his love and it sometimes comes as anger. Mohan leaves so Radha seeing her hand starts thinking about how Mohan said that she is her Bhagwan, she doesnot let the tear fall.

Gungun is awake in her bed and calls Radha, she wipes of her tears but refuses to accept she was crying assuring nothing has happened, Gungun explains something weird happened, Radha sitting on the bed asks what she meant, Gungun asks why was she looking at Mohan as the heroine watches the hero,

Tulsi mentions even she used to watch Mohan like this when she fell in love with him, Gungun explains even Mohan was saying the same thing. Gungun then talks about Rishi and Lakshmi, Radha threatens to cut the cable of her television if she doesnot stop watching television. Radha then asks her to stand up so she can get fresh.

Damini is standing when the person hands her a cage which is covered, she takes out the money but he advises her to be careful as this is really dangerous, Damini replies no one is more dangerous than her as she knows how to handle such things, the person leaves when Damini starts smirking thinking about her plan.

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