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Radha Mohan 30th August 2022 Radha assures there is nothing to be worried about and she must tell everything to Mohan with complete honesty as he would surely take care of everything and even if she doesnot stay with her then would be by her side,

Gungun refuses to go without her, Hriday comes to tie the black ribbon on Gungun eyes, Radha questions what is he doing but Hriday exclaims that it has ended and so instructs them to take her,

Radha stops Gungun holding her hand she requests her to ask Mohan to see her as only then he would be able to find her, Radha sits down exclaiming that Mohan would have to come but she prays he should see the signs.

Mohan puts the posters explaining he is involved in human trafficking and he sells girls, they all are stunned hearing about this, Mr Trivedi exclaims now he realized where he saw him as there were his posters on all the walls of Nanital.

Tulsi exclaims he is a really bad person and both Radha and Gungun are with him, so she requests him to do something. Mohan blames Dadi asking if this was the person whom she selected to marry Radha, he requests her to try and remember where did she meet him the first time. Kaveri and Damini are stunned.

The car stops outside the house and they let Gungun out of the car, she removing the blinds rushes inside, the entire family is stunned seeing Gungun so they rush to hug her, Mohan hugs Gungun asking if she is fine, he questions where is Radha so Gungun explains she is still with him, Gungun mentions Hriday is a bad man, a criminal.

She requests him to protect Radha when Mohan replies he would surely protect Radha and not let anything happen to her. Mohan asks how did she come here so Gungun starts revealing whatever happened and how Radha threatened to take her own life but then agreed to do whatever he wishes but only if Gungun reaches back home safety, Mohan thinks what else would she do to force him into her debt.

Radha is standing in front of Hriday thinking that Gungun would have reached home till now, she prays that Mohan should realize her signs.

Gungun requests Mohan to call Hriday as he said Radha is his lottery ticket, Mohan calls Hriday who answers it when Mohan threatens to kill him, Radha calls to Mohan from behind and she asks if Gungun is fine,

Mohan explains she has come back but Radha must not be worried as she is not alone. Radha replies how can she think of herself as he and the Bhagwat Geeta has always been by her side, Radha starts to explain that she wants him to protect Gungun as the Bhagwat Geeta has been imprinted in him and also on Gungun,

Mohan doesnot understand what she is saying when he informs that he cannot hear her properly, Hriday mentions it is enough as he has gotten back his daughter while Radha now belongs to him, Mohan in anger throws the phone which stuns everyone.

Kadambari questions what is he doing, Mohan hugs Gungun when the ink comes on his hand, he asks where did she get this ink, she replies it would have come on her when Radha hugged her, Mohan realizes how Radha asked him to look at Gungun carefully as then he would be able to find her,

Mohan turns Gungun and manages to see the proof which is written on her back, Kadambari questions what would it mean when Mohan replies that she would want to tell her something,

he explains he can still not understand anything when Mohan after realizing what it meant explains Radha is in their old printing press, Kadambari doesnot understand so Mohan explains that she is in their printing press because the Bhagwat Geeta which he gave her was printed in that same press,

Damini hesitantly explains how can anyone go there since it has been closed for a long time, Mohan replies that he can never be wrong when Radha is trying to say something to her, Kaveri requests Damini to call Hriday as doesnot know that Mohan is coming for him.

Radha is sitting while Hriday gets a call from Damini, he explains that Radha can do anything possible for those who she cares about but this person on the other hand wants to only worry about herself and he explains that Mohan has enemies around himself.

Damini in anger rushes into the room from where she takes out the pistol exclaiming that she vowed to end the life of the person because of whom she was not able to get married to Mohan. Kaveri is stunned hearing this. Tulsi is praying for the safe return of Radha since she once again put her own life at risk in order to save Gungun.

Hriday exclaims Radha in reality has half a mind and so he asks the person to take Radha with him after giving money but she refuses to leave, Hriday says she cannot refuse his orders since she swore on the life of Mohan.

Hriday sits down in front of her thinking about the night when she slapped him and offers to return half of the money if they leave Radha with him for a little longer, Hriday forces her to stand exclaiming even if they are not married, they can still celebrate the night, Radha tries to push him away while he is pulling of her dupatta.

Mohan kicks off the old cans questioning how did he dare touch his Radha, she is relieved that he managed to come when Mohan kicks Hriday causing him to fall, he asks Radha if she is fine, she replies how she knew he would surely come to save her and how is it possible that he was not able to understand what she tried telling him, they both start looking to each other while Radha is crying. She is relieved that he has finally come to save her.

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