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Radha Mohan 3rd June 2022 Radha explains he should have at least thought about Gungun before breaking this relation as what will she learn that she will understand it is easy to break the relation rather then to live with it, Mohan turns to Radha who sees him crying,

he explains that he is doing this so she can learn as no one has more importance in his life then Gungun, People consider him the killer of his wife but if something happens to Gungun then what will happen, he requests her to leave as she will not understand it, he doesnot even let her explain herself, Radha turns away in depression walking out of the room.

Damini enters the room in anger, her mother questions if she has left her mind as who leaves the mansion and where are they going to go, Damini replies that she would not live in this house anymore,

Radha enters the room requesting Damini to not leave the house but she pushes her out of the room, Radha gets worried wondering what is she going to do, Damini’s mother makes her sit on the sofa before trying to calm her down, but Damini starts throwing the cushions.

Radha walking in the balcony wonders what is she going to do since Mohan jee is really angry and even Damini is not listening to anything, Radha sees Gungun sleeping so goes to sit beside her,

she helps her cover when Radha smells the mushrooms from her hand, she gets tensed thinking that Gungun was eating from the spoon so how did the smell come on her hand, Radha starts searching Gungun and she finds a mushroom in her pocket, seeing which she is shocked thinking what if Gungun herself placed the mushroom in the pasta as the one which Damini made also had the cheese.

Gungun slowly wakes up and is shocked to see Radha holding the Mushroom. Radha questions what is this but Gungun is not able to explain herself, Radha questions why did she lie when she told her it is wrong, Gungun thinks how she went back to the kitchen and put the mushrooms in the pasta.

Gungun replies when she told the truth no one believed her, Radha stands questioning who said it as she believed her truth and went to talk with Damini, Radha asks why did she lie to her once again, Gungun questions why is she trusting her because everyone thinks that she is a bad girl,

Radha asks if she even knows what has happened because of her lie as Damini got a big punishment, Mohan jee broke the engagement and is now leaving the house. Gungun replies she is really happy because she desires Damini to leave the house. Radha explains to Gungun that if someone lies a lot then people do not even believe them when they are speaking the truth,

she mentions that her mother would be crying wherever she is seeing what is she learning, Radha asks her to also think about her father as he really loves her even if she doesnot respect his love for her he is ready to give his life for her.

Radha turns to leave when Gungun questions where is she going, she threatens that Radha can go and tell anyone she desires but she did not make a mistake, Radha refuses revealing she is not the one who made the mistake so is not going to say anything, it is up to Gungun if she decides to stand with the truth or lie.

Mohan is standing thinking about the condition of Gungun, he in anger turns the portrait explaining this is the limit of hating him, he is always called the killer of his wife but after today would have always blamed him for not being able to take care of his daughter properly, he will not be able to hear it since he would have died,

after Tulsi he is only living because of Gungun. Tulsi stands in front of Mohan exclaiming he believed that she burnt herself but he forgot that she loved him a lot and has even loved Gungun the most, but he must understand this for which he needs to accept that she did not kill herself. Mohan wipes off his tears before walking to once again turn the portrait.

Damini’s mother is packing the bags exclaiming they have to do this because of her, she mentions that Damini said this in the heat of the situation but after the death of her father, they finally managed to stay in this house but she has now gotten so used to the workers that it is even difficult to drink by herself,

Damini’s mother is constantly scolding her which angers Damini who yells saying that she thought if she herself said she is going to leave the house then Mohan would have stopped her but if nothing like this happened then what can she do about it, Damini’s mother thinks she would have to do something about it all.

Rahul is walking with Ketki when she exclaims, she would finally be able to see Damini leaving this house and along with that the engagement of both Mohan and Damini is going to break which is a really suitable thing for them as they both have won, Ketki exclaims she feels like going to perform the Nazar of Gungun as she played a really nice game.

Damini walks down the stairs with her mother who goes to Kadambari mentioning that she thought she is going to live with her sister for the rest of her life but she feels it will only happen till now,

Radha rushes to Damini requesting that she should not leave as this is not right and even goes to Kadambari requesting her to stop them all but she replies she is the one who convinced Mohan to get married with Damini but now if he desires to end this relation then she would not be able to convince or challenge his decision. Damini agrees to leave explaining that they all desire the happiness of Mohan and if it is that she must leave so there is nothing wrong in it,

Damini takes the blessing of Kadambari and Mohan’s father but just as when they are about to walk out of the door Gungun stops them, everyone is shocked to see her running down the stairs and request her to go back into her room since she needs to rest, Mohan also comes out insisting she should go back to her room,

Gungun asks him to not let these people go from this house, Mohan informs that these things are to remain amongst the elders and she doesnot have to interfere but Gungun accepts that she is the one who put the mushrooms in the pasta and Damini did not have anything to do in it all. Everyone gets shocked hearing this meanwhile Radha smiles since Gungun spoke the truth.

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