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Radha Mohan 3rd September 2022 Damini reaches the house and looking at the bag thinks about the warning of the person who advised her to be careful as it is very dangerous, she hurriedly walks over to her room placing the black bag on the bed before going into the bathroom.

Mohan enters the room while Radha is combing the hair of Gungun, he slowly starts walking towards them and Gungun seeing him starts smiling, Mohan standing in front of the bed asks Gungun if she is fine, she assures she is fine and then questions if Mohan is fine. Mohan mentions he is also perfectly fine,

Gungun questions why did he play the flute for her in the night, Mohan replies he can do anything for her but now she also has to do something for him, she must sleep early in the night and be a nice girl.

Mohan turning to Radha questions what is she going to do today and what is her plan, she replies she would just clean the house and prepare the food, Mohan informs he knew she would say it but she must also learn English, he has taken her responsibility so today would be her test, Radha doesnot understand it,

Gungun tells her in English hearing which Radha is stunned asking how would she be able to do it, Mohan replies she always says the verse that she should do it even if she is scared, he informs she would have to perform the test, Mohan leaves the room to bring the paper for her test.

Kadambari enters the room, closing the door she asks Tulsi to give her a sign if she is here, Kadambari explains she has come to take her advice because ever since Radha came to this house, Gungun always eats with her and she even sleeps by her side so does Tulsi think that Radha can become a suitable mother for Gungun and is a nice partner for Mohan.

ulsi explains that she is glad Kadambari was able to see what she has been witnessing for such a long time. Kadambari explains Damini is a nice girl and when Tulsi died, she was the one who took control of everything including he business since Mohan has left turned away from them all, but she has not been able to convince Gungun in all those years, Tulsi replies it is because she never wanted to take the responsibility of Gungun but just become the wife of Mohan.

Kadambari mentions this would also be wrong with Damini since she wished to marry Mohan but what about Gungun as only Radha can take care of her. She is being selfish being a mother but what can she do now since she can also not ruin the desires of Damini as it would break her heart.

Kadambari requests Tulsi to help her since she cannot decide what to do in this situation, Tulsi seeing the rose flowers lifts them from the vase throwing them over Kadambari, she is stunned with this and explains she cannot see or hear Tulsi but today feels as if a mother is talking to her own daughter.

Tulsi replies because she for some time has been come here to ask as a mother first for Gungun and now Mohan, Kadambari explains she is really glad to think Tulsi is also thinking the same but if Radha comes into the life of Mohan then what would happen to Damini,

Kadambari exclaims there is nothing to worry about as they would surely take care of her but she thinks they have to take each and every step very carefully, she must find out what Mohan thinks about her, Tulsi exclaims he also loves only Radha but doesnot know how to express it.

Mohan comes to Radha handing her the test, he asks her to complete it right now while he prepares the second test, she asks if she should it right now, he replies his name is not Abhi but Mohan, Radha mentions she knows it. He goes to sit on the chair, Radha starts staring at Mohan.

Gungun asks Radha what happened to her, she asks if Radha forgot all the answers after looking at Mohan just like Preeta forgets after Arjun, Radha questions who is she when Gungun questions if she doesnot see the television, Gungun explains she had her make the portrait of Mohan so does this mean she loves him,

Radha asks Gungun to not talk like this as Mohan would get really angry if he hears them talking, Mohan turning back is stunned so he hits her on the head with a chalk, Gungun is stunned when Mohan says they should not cheat, he calls Gungun to come and stand beside him.Kaveri entering the room is shocked seeing the black box,

she thinks that her daughter is giving her a big and expensive gift so now she understands why her hand was aching so much, se has now seeing how much her daughter loves her, Kaveri gets restless to see the gift and therefor opens the wooden box but is stunned seeing the snake,

Damini suddenly closes the box questioning what is she doing, Kaveri starts screaming of snake but stops when Damini requests her. Kaveri asks if she got mad since they usually gift sarree but she brought a snake, she can give her an easy death but what is the need to bring this snake, Kaveri suggests she could have brought a dog or cat as a pet. Damini explains this is to end the life of Radha,

Kaveri questions what does she mean, Damini informs the snake would bite her after which she would die and no one would suspect her, she reveals the last time three snakes entered their house and so if this snake bites her then no one would suspect her, Kaveri after hearing this clam down explaining her daughter is really smart just like her, Damini keeps standing when Kaveri questions what if Tulsi does something wrong, Damini replies she has already talked with Guru ma.

Damini thinks how Guru ma said this is a nice plan and she was also worried about if Tulsi does something wrong when Guru maa said all her powers would end in front of the animals, Kaveri starts smiling saying that now the death of Radha is certain after which they would dance, she causes the box to fall on the ground and the snake comes out, they both jump on the bed when Damini questions if she has gotten mad,

Kaveri explains she was just dancing but seeing the snake she starts praying that she is a widow so he should not do anything to her, Damini seeing the snake rush out of the room gets worried, she asks what has Kaveri done as now the snake can bite anyone, Kaveri exclaims it would be nice that both Kadambari and Radha die as it would only solve their problems.

Gungun explains she can help Radha in something other then her studies, Mohan doesnot agree with her, Radha starts staring at Mohan which even Gungun notices, Mohan looking at Radha explains she should not keep staring at him since the answers would be written on the sheet, he once again turns to see that Radha is still staring at him when he explains she is not going to understand it like this so he would do what she doesnot like,

he walks over to her with the ruler explaining he would beat her where she doesnot feel any pain. Mohan immediately seeing something in the corner of the bed jumps up on it, he even pulls Radha with him, Gungun questions what happened when he informs there is a cockroach, Radha is amazed to see how he has held her hand and is holding her, she keeps staring at him while he is looking at the cockroach.

Gungun explains it is just a cockroach who is really cute, Mohan questions if she has gotten mad asking from where did they brought this girl, she knows he is really scared of the cockroach and lizard, while he feels most scared of the snake, Radha starts smiling seeing him, the snake crawls into the room.

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