Radha Mohan 5th July 2022 Written Episode Update


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Radha Mohan 5th July 2022 Mohan is helping clean Radha with water and even wipes of the mud from her face meanwhile the person starts taking pictures from the corner, Damini signals him to leave after he is finished taking them, she turns with a smile thinking the second part of the plan is now complete.

Ajit in the night brings the food for Ketki exclaiming she did not have anything to eat so he asks if he can help her eat it, she gets angry when he becomes defensive so he questions what is he doing, he replies she is going to hit him so he must defend himself,

Ketki exclaims she made a mistake by marrying him since today was the most opportune moment to throw Damini out of the house, Ajit replies she was accusing Damini without any reason as she is really sweet, Ketki replies Damini can be anything other then sweet as she is sure Damini is planning something which is against Radha.

In the morning Radha is performing the pooja and watering the Tulsi, she sees the newspaper being thrown in the house so gets tensed wondering this is wrong. Radha picking it up is joyed seeing her photo in the newspaper but she is not able to read the headline which reads, :

Is Mohan ready for another engagement. Radha rushing inside calls the entire family to come, Kadambari questions what is she talking about when Radha informs that her photo is printed with Mohan in the newspaper and it would be because he helped save her yesterday,

Kadambari taking the newspaper is really frustrated so Damini also asks what happened, she hands her the newspaper and Damini is also stunned, Ketki also takes the newspaper from her and is stunned, Radha finally shows it to Gungun who starts reading it, Radha ask with joy how is the photo, Gungun however hits her head with the hands.

Mohan enters the hall asking what happened but Kadambari is really tensed, Rahul asks her to show the photo so Radha rushes with the newspaper in excitement, she hands it to Mohan asking if he likes the photo of him, Mohan is stunned hearing it but then Radha keeps on asking if he likes it,

Mohan stops her asking if she did not read what is written in the newspaper, he informs that they wrote Mohan Trivadi who got engaged last month has an affair with another women, Radha gets stunned questioning what have they written in the newspaper. Kadambari asks her to stop saying another word, she questions what were they both doing in that place.

Damini tries to support them saying that she was also present, Kadambari asks her to not interfere since there is nothing written in the newspaper about her presence there, she informs they all know that she was also there but how would they tell it to the rest of the world. They will only believe what they will see in the newspaper.

Radha has tears in her eyes exclaiming how can the editors write such a story about her when they are un aware of the truth. Ketki explains sometimes the only thing they care about is the news even if it is not the truth,

Radha replies but whatever is written is supposed to be the truth, this is their duty to reveal the truth so why would they die, Kadambari explains such writers do not have any integrity as they do not care about the truth but only the progress of their newspaper, just as she cares about running of her house and she cannot bear if they raise any voice against her.

Kadambari informs Radha is new in this city so doesnot know how it works, Radha questions what is the difference if it is the truth or lie when they are all wrong, Kaveri in frustration questions her to stop as she doesnot have any mental strength and is still then talking,

she must know that this is not just a thing but a hindrance in her reputation which has also affected. Radha replies that she doesnot believe anything can happen if Bihari jee is with them but she has found out one thing today that some people in this world can do anything for their own personal agenda.

Radha holds both of her hands apologizing to them all as this happened because of her even when she did not wish of doing anything of that sort, Mohan asks why is she apologizing as she is not wrong but those editors who in order to earn money can ruin anyone’s family,

Radha replies it is not about whose fault is this but that the house which treated her as a family, she ruined their reputation as the daughters are supposed to take care of the family but now because of her the teachings of this house have been challenged, Mohan mentions the teachings of their house are not so weak that such words can harm them. Mohan asks Kadambari if she trusts them or is she like the editors,

Kadambari replies she trusts him and even Radha but he also knows that their family has a very bad reputation in the media because of him and Tulsi, she however stops in between when Damini thinks she must talk the truth. Kadambari exclaims she doesnot want anyone to raise questions on her family, she doesnot want it as she is not just his mother but Kadambari Trivedi, and it is her responsibility to take care of the rituals and reputation of this family.

Mohan exclaims he would not let anything happen to this family so is going to call Shekar, he just then starts receiving calls from his friends who are asking about the news that has been printed. Kadambari also receives a call from someone so she asks if they do not trust the character of Mohan.

Damini also gets a call from someone, she in anger questions why are they talking about Mohan when they know the truth, she in anger asks who are they to warn her about Mohan as she knows his character, Damini assures she also knows the girl Radha revealing she lives with them. Ketki wonders why is Damini smiling when she should be frustrated, she wonders if this is her plan.

Mr Trivedi leaves in anger, Mohan questions why is she crying as it all happened so there is no point in crying and she must not take it on herself, they would look into it later. Mohan leaves when Radha takes the name of Mohan but Kaveri questions why is she talking about him all the time as her photo was clicked with Mohan but her daughter got ruined.

Radha in the room wonders what can she do now since if everyone in this house got tensed hearing the news then what about her Dadi, Gungun questions if her Dadi would be able to read the English newspaper, Radha exclaims if this news has been written in the English paper then it would also be published in the Hindi paper and her family would not be able to bear the news.

The entire village comes calling the Pandit jee to come out, he asks what happened when Dadi questions if they buffalo of someone ran away, one of them reveal their daughter might have run away, she asks that Dadi said Radha went to the house of Trivedi jee to help in the marriage of Mohan but it is written that she is in an affair with Mohan, both RamAvtar and Dadi are tensed hearing the news.

Gungun says if she is not at fault then why is she crying, Radha replies it is not about being wrong but the reputation of her family is at stake because of her, she informs because of the love of her family they must let go of their dreams and desires, so they must forget everything because the love of family is everything and they should not have any ill feeling about her,

she prays that her father and dadi should not know about this news but if they come to know then must get the strength to fight it, Radha is praying but at the same time is also worried about what might happen.


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