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Radha Mohan 5th September 2022 Kaveri while searching for the snake wonders where did it go, Mohan standing on the bed explains she knows he is really scared of the lizards and cockroaches, especially with the reptile which is heinous, Radha asks what does he mean so he reveals he is scared of snake,

Gungun picks it up in her hand, mentioning the cockroach is more scared of him, Mohan replies this is not anything to be looking at so she should throw it out of the room, Gungun explains she will take him to the garden, Gungun turns to scare Mohan who immediately gets paranoid questioning if she has gotten mad so must throw it out,

he threatens to not leave her. Gungun replies he must not leave Radha, she gets worried hearing this but Mohan doesnot understand so turns towards her, Gungun asks him to see how her cheeks have turned red, he also starts staring at her when Gungun further explains her eyes are like that of a pigeons,

Mohan also mentions there is some fault, Gungun advises him to ask her since he is her Bhagwan and she would not lie to him, Radha tries to warn Gungun but when Mohan asks why is she looking differently,

Gungun suggests she would herself tell him the truth. Mohan cannot understand it and then Gungun threatens to show the portrait which she has made, Radha runs pulling the portrait from her hand which scares Mohan who questions how can she leave him like this, he asks why is Gungun smiling.

Radha starts running with the portrait when she finally stops and looking at it recalls how moan argued with Bihari jee stating how he felt that he always takes the people away from him but now he has sent Radha into her life, Radha then recalls how Mohan fought with Hriday when he kidnapped her,

she doesnot notice that the snake is coming behind her, Damini is with Kaveri who exclaims the snake also knows who he has to bite so Radha would very soon go to her Bihari jee, the snake is about to bite her when the door opens, Shekar walks inside when he calls Radha but she doesnot respond to his calls, Shekar then questions what was she thinking about, he takes the name of Mohan.

She replies he is talking rubbish as she cannot think about him, Radha is not able to reply and starts fumbling when he leaves to find Mohan himself. Radha leaves when Kaveri says Radha is now thinking about Mohan, Damini explains they must be worried about the snake.

Mohan standing in the room wonders where has the girl went to, Shekar entering asks who is he waiting for so Mohan explains that he is talking about Radha, he informs how he has prepared the test papers for her but she ran away, he explains she doesnot take care of herself, Shekar asks why is he so worried about her,

Mohan replies who would take care of her besides him, Shekar mentions this is what Ajit says. Mohan gets irritated with his jokes. Mohan explains Radha doesnot take care of herself and is always worried about other people. Shekar sitting questions why is he worried about Radha when she doesnot care of herself, Shekar says that Radha is important for her when Mohan replies she is really important.

Kadambari walking in the hall thinks that she should first talk with Mohan about what he feels, Tulsi walking beside her mentions he also feels the same about her but is never going to reveal his feelings, she is sure if Kadambari forces him then he would accept it.

Mohan is sitting with Shekar who asks permission to speak what he is feeling, Mohan agrees when Shekar explains he was just marrying Damini so Gungun gets a mother but after the incident the whole world has accepted that Radha is the best mother for Gungun and even suitable for him so why does Mohan not marry Radha, hearing this Mohan is stunned and starts staring at Shekar, Tulsi also agrees with Shekar.

Mohan explains he has never seen Radha that way, Tulsi requests him to look at Radha the way she desires and also Bihari jee. Shekar explains that Radha care a lot for both of them, Mohan questions if he wants him to destroy her life because the burden of his past life is still with him, he was blamed when Tulsi committed the suicide,

Shekar questions what is he talking about when Mohan explains he is broken from inside and even he has started to feel better a little, it doesnot mean he can be with her. Mohan explains Radha needs someone who would enjoy the world with her, not like him because she has her entire life ahead of her,

he accepts that Gungun loves Radha and she also loves her back but he cannot ruin her life, Tulsi asks Kadambari to see how Mohan doesnot know what Radha feels for him so she must make him understand, Kadambari however explains Mohan is right and she cannot ruin the life of Radha to make sure Mohan stays happy, Tulsi keeps on requesting her to not listen to Mohan but she leaves.

Kaveri is walking with Damini, she informs that if the snake bites her then Damini should eat the dry fruits that are in the room, Damini requests her to stop talking like this because they all would understand the truth seeing the boots that she is wearing, Kaveri suddenly starts shivering because of fear when Damini questions what has happened, she informs the snake is under her feet, Damini seeing that it is the skipping rope gets furious so pulling it explains Kaveri is scaring her a lot.

Radha walking in the hall exclaims that Gungun doesnot understand what she has to say so she must stop her from watching the television, Dadi calls Radha asking where is she going so Radha reveals that she is going to the room of Mohan jee since he wanted her to give the test but she feels as if everything that she learned has forgotten it now,

Dadi asks Radha to sit with her explaining that she and her father are going to leave for their village tomorrow, she assures they will not ask Radha to come with them and not even give her any vow but she would surely request her to always think about what is in her heart, she explains that Mohan is the right choice for her and she must think about what she feels is right,

Dadi says Mohan is the right choice for her, Radha questions what is she talking about when Dadi replies that she knows what is in her grand daughters heart and she knows that Mohan would surely take good care of Radha, Radha turns to look at Dulari and then seeing her asks her to not move even a bit, Kadambari comes running asking what has happened, Radha also doesnot let her move,

she slowly picks the skin room under the sofa then explains this is the dead skin of a snake so this means that it has come into their house.
Mohan also comes down with Shekar, Radha immediately stopping him reveals there is a snake in their house, he jumps onto the sofa then recalls how he informed Radha that he is really scared of them,

Mohan with a smile explains she is trying to make fun of him as he told her that he is scared of a snake, he assures he is not scared of anything but when Radha shows him the dead skin of a snake, he once again rushes on the sofa. Mohan inquires how can they all be so calm seeing the dead skin, Radha explains if this is in the house then the snake would be in the house. Mohan is about to fall when Radha asks him to calm down.

Ajit is with Ketki in the room and asks her to give the belt, she replies she is not his maid when he asks her to do what the wives do, she assures she would do it when he stops doing the chores of a girl. Ajit doesnot know when the snake crawls into his drawer.

Mohan starts panicking asking them all to sit on the sofa as they must stay protected, Kadambari questions what is he doing. Radha explains if the snake shed the skin in the house, then his heart would be troubled, she advises them all to be careful, Mohan questions if she is a doctor and knows it all. Mohan explains he suggested they should stay in some penthouse and leave this Haveli. Damini suggests how the snake might have left the house. Radha replies this cannot happen as snakes get really lazy after shedding their skin.

Kaveri says they can even call the person who would control the snake, Mohan and Radha both refuse when she informs that they cause a lot of pain to the snakes and so they must not call him. Mohan asks Shekar to call the animal rescue team since they would release the snake in the forest.

Gungun comes questioning if they are all playing a game so she would also play with them, Mohan asks her to climb on a sofa as the floor is lava in the game, she doesnot understand it.

Ajit is in the room mentioning he would himself take the belt, but wondering how it got so heavy he gets stunned seeing it is a snake, Ajit throws it with all his might and the snake lands in front of Gungun, they all get stunned seeing it requesting Gungun to stand still, she however starts screaming.

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