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Radha Mohan 8th September 2022 Mohan exclaims he wants to live his live to the fullest, and live with his Gungun and Radha, he suddenly screams from pain. Radha question what happened so she notices the snake crawling away, Radha getting tensed explains he has been bitten by the snake.

Mohan tries to say something but falls on the lawn, Radha gets perplexed seeing him like this, she rushes to tr and wake Mohan but he doesnot respond, Radha then calls everyone to come outside wondering what has happened to Mohan jee, he tries to wake up but once again falls unconscious,

Radha is constantly calling for help but they donot respond when Mohan takes the name of Gungun saying Radha should take care of her, she asks why is he talking like this as they both would take care of her, Mohan then closes his eyes seeing which Radha gets worried, she is stunned so tries to wake him up saying he cannot do this to her as she has lived her entire life with his name so if anything happens to him,

she would not be able to do anything. Radha exclaims he was just saying he wants to live his life with Gungun and her so should now wake up, she starts crying restlessly over Mohan who is lying on the floor, Radha is not able to control herself thinking how Mohan would always be there to protect her, he was always there to help her whenever she was in any sort of problem.

He tried his best to protect her and even apologized for his behavior. She is not able to stop her tears and is crying relentlessly recalling when Mohan vowed to take her responsibility, he knelt in front of her exclaiming she is his Bhagwan as she took away all of his pains and troubles.

Radha screams the name of Mohan so tries to wake him up exclaiming he cannot leave her like this, he needs to open his eyes, she mentions how she needs to talk with him and he should not turn away, he needs to listen what is in her heart.

Radha pleads with him to open his eyes so she can reveal her true feelings, she says to Mohan how she really loves him a lot, the rain suddenly slows down when Radha once again says she would not be able to live without him, he needs to open his eyes. Radha keeps telling him that she loves him just like the love which Radharani had for Bihari jee, the same extent of love which Meera jee had for Bihari jee.

She is constantly holding his face with her hand asking if he is listening that she loves him more then even Bihari jee, Damini reaching the door is stunned to her Radha. She walks out of the house to hear Radha accept she really loves Mohan jee.

Damini is furious Radha accept Mohan is her love and the reason for her life, she is not able to bear it when Radha says she cannot live without him, Damini questions why did she dare say she cannot live without Mohan and what did she think that she would be able to live after doing this in the rain, she vows to not leave Radha after what she said today, she vows to punish her for loving Mohan.

Damini picks the utensil while Radha sees the snake bite on the leg of Mohan, she exclaims he cannot leave her like this so she would also see to it. Damini is slowly walking to Radha wondering why is Mohan lying down on the floor like this, she thinks Radha would have surely said something to him.

Radha is tying the cloth around the bite marks while Damini walks slowly to Radha, she is about to hit her when Radha Radha kneels to suck out the blood from his leg, Damini is stunned seeing it so immediately stops. She realizes the truth that Mohan is in danger, she starts shivering after being scared so rushes to the side of Mohan calling his name,

she tris to wake him meanwhile Radha is constantly sucking the blood from his leg, she starts having difficulty breathing when Radha also assures she would not let anything happen to him, damini asks her to stay away when Radha explains the snake bit Mohan and if they donot take out the poison then something bad would surely happen, Damini starts getting tensed and doesnot know what to do, she once again kneels beside Mohan while crying.

Radha is still sucking the blood from the snake bite in an attempt to remove the poison, she starts feeling dizzy and is not able to move but still keeps sucking the blood, Radha asks Damini to calm down as nothing would happen to Mohan,

she must go and call someone. Radha once again kneels to suck the blood as Mohan is lying unconscious on the floor, Mohan takes the name of Radha hearing which Damini is relieved but Mohan keeps on taking her name, Radha also rushes to Mohan pulling him up so he can sit down,

she starts crying seeing that he is now better. Radha asks if he is fine and thanks Bihari jee, Mohan exclaims that Radha was saying something, Damini gets tensed thinking if Radha expresses her feelings to Mohan, then it would ruin everything, Mohan mentions he was not able to hear it so she should tell him once again.

Damini prays that Radha should not say it, Mohan questions what was she saying to him, Radha is about to express it but she starts feeling dizzy, Damini wonders what would Mohan say if Radha expresses her feeling, so he might also say he loves her.

Mohan questions Radha what was she saying, Radha is not able to tell him about her feelings, she falls on his lap before reveling it, Mohan gets tensed but Damini thanks Radha and prays she should just die now, as her Mohan is saved.

Damini is standing there in the rain while Mohan gets paranoid after witnessing the condition of Radha, he sees the drops of blood on the grass realizing what she has done to save him, he questions if she has gotten mad. Mohan pleads with Radha to open her eyes but she doesnot respond,

Mohan hugs Radha asking Damini to call the doctor and also wake everyone in the house as there has been an emergency, Damini asks if he is fine but he replies she must not worry about him as Radha needs a doctor, Damini turning thinks she would not call the doctor as it is better if Radha dies tonight, Damini leaves when Mohan hugs Radha tightly while sitting in the rain.

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