RadhaKrishn 10th November 2021 Written Episode Update


RadhaKrishn 10th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

RadhaKrishn 10th November 2021 Kaptasur walks to kitchen and asks Radha why did she call him here. She says she wants them both to prepare their favorite kheer. He says he forgot. She says he used to prepare kheer for her and she doesn’t want him to forget it. He says if she teaches him, he will never forget it.

She via telepathy tells Krishna that Kaptasur is changing and teaches Kaptasur. In Kailash, Devi Gowri prepares kheer. Mahadev smelling it walks to her and asks if she is preparing his and his aradhya’s favorite bhog/prasad.

She says there won’t be taste in it as Radha is doing wrong by teaching Kaptasur to prepare kheer. Mahadev explains that there would be a blast when good and bad energies clash, so Radha is trying to change Kaptasur.

Radha takes kheer for Krishna and says he is sitting here peacefully while someone else took his place, asks if she knows who prepared kheer. He says he knows. She tastes kheer first and then feeds Krishna.

Kaptasur gets tired waiting for Radha to bring him kheer. He searches her and gets angry seeing her feeding kheer to Krishna. Radha tells Krishna that she will change Kaptasur for sure. Krishna says he will not, but she can try. Radha leaves. Kaptasur takes oath to kill Krishna before next poornima.

Kaptasur then returns to Dwarka and asks charioteer to take him to Shalv’s kingdom. Guards informs Balram about same. Balram gets suspicious and thinks of spying Kanha and find out what he is up to. He reaches Shalv’s flying kingdom and is shocked to see guards greeting Kanha.

He enters palace and hearing everyone chanting Kaptasur’s name realizes Kaptasur took over Krishna’s place and thinks where is his Kanha then. Radha hears Krishna playing bansuri/flute and thinks soon Kaptasur will also play bansuri like him. Shukracharya gets angry seeing Shalv happy hearing about Kaptasur’s visit. Shalv says Kaptasur is his aide. Kaptasur enters. Shalv in lieu of hugging him stabs him repeatedly for stealing his viman/vehicle. Kaptasur falls unconscious.


RadhaKrishn 11th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Kaptasur wishes to dance with Radha. Radha agrees and dances with him. Krishna feels sad seeing that.


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