RadhaKrishn 10th November 2022 Written Episode Update


RadhaKrishn 10th November 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

RadhaKrishn 10th November 2022 Nand tells Krishna that a daughter like Radha is very auspicious. Krishna asks what is special in Radha that other girls don’t have. Nand describes Radha’s special qualities. Krishna asks what else is special in Radha.

Yashoda twists his ears and asks why he wants to know about Radha. Krishna says its hurting. Yashoda asks him to come and have lunch. Balram says she is feeding Krishna instead of scolding him.

Kans’ aide informs him that Balram badly defeated Bakasur badly. Kans refuses to believe him. Bakasur arrives in a bad state. Kans asks what happened to him. Bakasur seeks permission from him to kill Krishna and bring it to him. Kans permits him.

Vrishbhan and his team head towards Vrindavan in carts. Radha gets eager to reach there and questions Vrishbhan repeatedly. Vrishbhan asks her to have some patience. Cart’s wheel gets stuck in a pothole. Radha says she will stroll around until cart is fixed and walks away. Krisha watches Radha from a cliff. Radha reaches Vrindavan border.

Krishna meets her and welcomes her. They both together enter Vrindan at once. Yashoda and Nand notice them in market and identifies Radha. She hugs and pampers Radha and welcomes her home. They both wait for Vrishbhan and his team’s arrival.

Vrishbhan and his team arrive. Nand and Kirtida welcome them. Kirtida identifies Krishna and Balram and praises them. A discussion ensues regarding the type of boy Radha wants to marry and girl Krishna wants to marry. Radha expresses her wish while Krishna expresses his wish and jokes. Everyone laugh on Krishna.

Yashoda asks Krishna to give his room to Radha. Krishna acts hesitant and takes Radha to his room. Radha notices gifts for her. Krishna says Balram kept them for her. Radha acts angry on him and asks what he got for her then. Krishna says he is writing a love scripture/prem granth for her. She feels happy.


RadhaKrishn 11th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Krishna presents prem granth to Radha.Radha notices papers and asks if this is his prem granth. Krishna throws papers in sky which turn into her sketch. He says she will stay in his room and heart from hereon. Radha thinks he will stay in her heart.


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