RadhaKrishn 10th September 2022 Written Episode Update


RadhaKrishn 10th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

RadhaKrishn 10th September 2022 Bhargavi prays Narayan that Srinivas in her dream had promised to meet her and she wants Narayan to fulfill her dream. Shukracharya describes Kolasur’s story that Bharmadev created 3 divine men Lavan, Kaya,

and Kola. They all 3 started troubling people and turned into Lavanasur, Kayasur, and Kolasur. Narayan killed Lavanasur and Kayasur and spared Kolasur. Kolasur hid in a cave and started meditating, he became so powerful that he can even defeat Narayan now. Vasu says he is not bothered if Kolasur will kill Naraya or not,

he just wants to get Bhargavi and take revenge from her. Shukracharya says he is just worried about his enemy and should look at the broader picture, thinks Vasu is a big fool. Srinivas thinks now its time to welcome Kolasur.

Raja Akash with his army visits Padmavati. Padmavati asks why did he visit Karvirpur. Akash says saw a weird dream that she is in trouble and hence came here to protect her. Padmavati says they were about to leave for Venkatgiri. Srinivas says let the kind and soldiers rest for some time and he complete some pending task, then they will head for Venkatgiri. Govindraj walks to them.

Srinivas says he was waiting for Govindraj as he wants to finish a task given by Govindraj. He takes Govindraj aside and asks him to nod yes. He describes Kolasur’s story and says he is going to defeat Kolasur and asks him to gather Akash, Padmavati and others at a ground near the mountain once he has a sound. Govindraj thinks why Srinivas is inviting trouble on himself.

Shukracharya wakes up Kolasur and reminds him that he needs to take revenge from Narayan for killing his family. Kolasur asks where is Vishnu now. Sukharacharya says in Karvirpur. Kolasur heads towards Karvirpur. Bhargavi prays Narayan that Venkatesh shouldn’t return before Srinivas meets her.

Venkatesh walks to her and asks if she is ready for travel. Rishi Bhrigu and Khyati walk in. Bhargavi happily hugs them. Khyatri says Bhrigu got a nightmare about her and hence they came here to check on her. Bhargavi introduces them to Venkatesh. Venkatesh asks her to attend her parents and let them rest for sometime and leaves from there.

Vasu waits at a mandap to marry Bharya. Venkatesh walks to him and asks if he wants to marry Bharya. Vasu says even Bharya wants to marry him. Venkatesh says Bharya ditched them both and ran away with their precious things. Vasu checks his trunk and finds even his jewelry missing.

Govindraj walks to them and says he saw Bharya leaving Karvirpur with heavy trunks and when questioned she said she is running away from 2 cruel men. Vasu laughs and says soon Kolasur will attack them all. Kolasur captures villagers and demands to fight with Narayan.


RadhaKrishn 10th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Kolasur demands to shed blood until Narayan arrives. Venkatesh and Srinivas walk in.


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