RadhaKrishn 12th November 2021 Written Episode Update


RadhaKrishn 12th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

RadhaKrishn 12th November 2021 Krishna asks Radha how is her romance going with Kaptasur. Radha says she romances only him and not Kaptasur and informs that Kaptasur wants to dance with her. He asks what does she think She says after this dance, Kaptasur will change completely for sure.

Shukracharya takes Shalv near a tree where Krishna will meet his end. Shalv asks him why did he bring him here. Shukracharya picks soil under tree and says it reveals past, presence, and future. He uses his knowledge and finds out that Krishna will meet his end via his palm. Shalv insists to reveal it to him and trying to overreact falls down. Shukracharya says he is not yet capable of knowing this secret.

They return to Shalv’s palace where Shukracharya prepares a weapon with peacock feather laced with universe’s most dangerous poison Kalkot. Kaptasur enters and says Radha is ready to dance with him and he wants to kill Krishna after that. Shukracharya gives him peacock feather and warns him to be careful as it will kill him instantly if it pricks his skin. Shalv praises Shukracharya. Kaptasur says he will enjoy death dance with Radha and then kill Krishna.

Radha decides to meet Radha and stops her from dancing with Kaptasur. Mahadev stops her and says its a part of Krishna’s plan and they should wait and watch. She agrees. Radha makes arrangements for dance. Gopis praise her arrangements and asks if she will dance will someone else today. Radha says she will dance with only Krishna and thinks she will see if Kaptasur will change today.

Krishna watches her from and distance and waits for Kaptasur. Kaptasur meets him. Krishna says he knew Kaptasur will come to meet him. Kaptasur asks if he can foresee future. Krishna says he knows asur’s end. Their discussion starts.

Kaptasur says he has only love for Radha and evilness/kapat for Krishna, so he will dance with Radha and kill Krishna. Krishna reveals he knows about poison in peacock feather, but his fight is with Kaptasur’s kapat. Kaptasur challenges him that he will get Radha at any cost after killing him. Krishna shows immense trust on Radha. Kaptasur says he will see Radha dancing with him now and walks away.

Radha waits for Krishna. Gopis say they will leave now as Krishna will not come. Kaptasur enters playing bansuri and asks where are they going. They say they were acting to call him. Radha asks if they found out that only Krishna will dance with him. Gopis says she is right. Radha thinks let us see if with Gopis will change today. Krishna hopes Radha wins.


RadhaKrishn 13th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Kaptasur blindfolds Radha and insists her to touch Krishna with peacock feather and end Krishna. Radha says Krishna was right that she should end kapat first.


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