RadhaKrishn 13th January 2020 Written Episode Update


RadhaKrishn 13th January 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

RadhaKrishn 13th January 2020 Episode Start With Jarasand invites Rukmini and Bhishmak to celebrate Krishna’s death. Dancers dance while Rukmini sheds tears. Jarasand sees spy and asks him if Krishna is dead. Spy informs that Krishna is alive and by saving their army joined them into his army and now Mathura’s army strength has increased to 1.5 times. Rukmi tells Jarasand that Krishna looks like a divine warrior and its foolishness to fight against him. Jarasand shouts. Rukmi says she understood Krishna well, while Jarasand and his team uses only power, Krishna also uses his brain to defeat his enemies, she is sure Krishna will defeat Jarasand and his team soon. Jarasand shouts that his army is the biggest in the whole country and takes oath that he will attack Krishna each day until he is defeated. Rukmini thinks she will imagine the place where Krishna is building a divine city.

Barsana citizens celebrate and dance. Ugrapath says they should take Radha’s permission before any celebration. Radha walks to them and asks reason for celebration. They say Krishna and Balram set off mountain fire and are safe. Radha also celebrates with them.

Steps till sky emerge in front of Krishna and Balram. Krishna says its an invitation and they both climb stairs where Vishwakarma greets them and requests Krishna to let him built the divine place he has planned for the establishment of dharma. Krishna says only the great builder of heaven, Vaikunta, golok, and other places Vishwakarma can build the place he wants. asks his imagination of the place. Krishna says he doesn’t really know. Vishwakarma asks then how will he build the place. Krishna says devi of love Radha will describe the place. Vishwakarma says Radha’s pure love and imagination would be amazing and he is delighted to build a place according to her imagination.

Krishna and Balram return to Mathura where Revathi performs their aarti. Ugrasen says hearing about their victory, Revathi came to meet them. Revathi says she came to meet Krishna as Balram doesn’t even remember her. Krishna taunts Balram. Krishna says he found the place where Revathi and Balram’s wedding will happen. Revathi says Balram was to find that place, but anyways if Krishna has found it, it would be amazing, Balram should learn from his brother. Balram says Krishna is misleading. Krishna interrupts Balram and tells he will build the place according to Revathi’s wishes and she should note down her imagination. Revathi thanks him. Balram asks why he is misleading even Revathi when he wants to build the place according to Radha’s imagination. Krishna says for him, everything is Radha and her imagination will be everyone’s imagination.

At night, Radha, Rukmini, and Revathi imagine whole universe, heaven, Vaikunta, Kailash, etc.. in their dream and think Krishna’s divine place would be like this. Krishna asks Vishwakarma to establish the place according to Radha’s imagination. He and Balram walk down to earth where Revathi informs them that she imagined the place in her dream last night. Krishna asks her to note it down and give it to him. Revathi agrees and leaves. Radha thinks Krishna will build the place according to her imagination.


RadhaKrishn 14th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Krishna says Dwarka’s door will be an entry to heaven.Radha thinks Krishna must have fulfilled his promise and must have built the divine place already. Rukmini desires to see Krishna’s built divine place.


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