RadhaKrishn 13th July 2021 Written Episode Update


RadhaKrishn 13th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

RadhaKrishn 13th July 2021 Krishna wakes up and seeing his 8 wives around wishes them good morning. Radha sys he must have slept peacefully as his 8 wives served him so well. He says he doesn’t know how to thank his wives. All 8 wives serve him breakfast. Radha asks where is Narad muni as he is missing since long. Krishna asks where is he. Narad enters and serves him his favorite kheer, thinks Krishna cannot him away. He says he did think a lot and came to a conclusion that he will take Radha’s help to decide who will sit with Krishna for yagna. Krishna thinks Radha shouldn’t agree. Narad thinks if Radha agrees, Krishna has to perform yagna at any cost. Krishna asks Radha to let Narad do the task. Narad requests Radha to help him as ashwamedh yagna is very important for krishna. All 8 wives back Narad. Radha agrees to help Narad. Narad smirks at Krishna.

Narad waits for horse and thinks he will not move until horse arrives. He turns and gets happy seeing a horse. Horseman says its prince Shyam’s horse and takes it away. Devi Gauri tells Mahadev that even he is tricking Narad like Krishna. Mahadev says he just joked with Narad as there is no lack of horses for Krishna, he doesn’t do any leela/magic like Gauri’s brother Krishna and is just enjoying it. Narad continues waiting for horse. Krishna walks with horse. Narad gets happy and thinks Mahadev sent horse at last. Krishna repeats. Narad asks if he can hear his mind. Krishna says if he speaks so loudy in mind, anybody can hear him. All 8 wives prepare for welcoming the horse and walk away with aarti thalis excitedly. Sam pampers horse and thinks his mother’s happiness is most important to him and only his mother will sit with Krishna for yagna. All 8 wives walk towards horse with thalis to welcome it and decorate it and seeks Radha’s help. Krishna stops her and says she has to select 1 among 8 wives for yagna. Wives decorate horse for yagna.

Narad announces that this horse will be left open and wherever it goes, that kingdom will be added in Krishna’s kingdom and wherever its stopped, its king has to battle with Krishna. He then asks Radha if she already selected 1 among 8 wives. She nods yes. Narad thinks he will be praised in all 3 worlds. Krishna repeats. Narad thinks Krishna can both hear his mind and dreams. After sometime, he praises Radha and Krishna’s love and asks Radha whom she has selected. Krishna walks in and says there is time to fulfill his dream and says he will fast for Radha tomorrow. All 8 wives think they will also fast for Krishna. Narad thinks its time to select 1 wife easily. Krishna says he is right. At ight. Narad in dream thinks Radha will select one wife and Krishna cannot do anything. Krishna thinks this story will take a different direction tomorrow.


RadhaKrishn 14th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Krishna performs Mahadev’s pooja. Radha tells Krishna that she will not be in peace until Krishna breaks his fast and drinks milk thinking Krishna will get energy with it. Milk flows out of Krishna’s lips.


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