RadhaKrishn 13th September 2022 Written Episode Update


RadhaKrishn 13th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

RadhaKrishn 13th September 2022 Bhargavi and Padmavati request Kohlasur to spare Venkatesh and Srinivas. Kohlasur asks them to fight with him then. Vasu recalls all his sins and realizes his mistakes. He pleads Kohlasur to spare Venkatesh and Srinivas.

Kohlasur pushes him away. Vasu apologizes Srinivas, Venkatesh, Padmavati, Bhargavi to forgive him for his sins. Srinivas thinks when Vasu has realized his mistakes, the end will come soon. Vasu tells Bhargavi and Padmavati that their love for Venkatesh and Srinivas will save Venkatesh and Srinivas.

Srinivas suggests them to fight with Kohlasur. They both walk towards Kohlasur. Kohlasur laughs on them and says he will teach a lesson to these arrogant women. He throws his powers towards Padmavati. Bhargavi raises her hand and her powers destroy Kohlasur’s powers.

Kohlasur is shocked to see that. Bhargavi shouts and warns him that she will end him today. He laughs on her again and asks how will she end him without any weapon. She gets trishul and throws it on him which forms a fire circle around him and prevents him from escaping. Shukracharya notices that and realizes that Narayan wanted to awoke Bhargav’s Mahalaxmi avatar and kill Kohlasur.

Maahdev tells Devi Gauri that all the gods will watch Mahalaxmi’s new avatar today. Gods join him. Kohlasur tries to escape.

Bhargavi multiples herself into 8 and stops him. Mahadev says these are devi Mahalaxmi’s ashtalaxmi avatar. Kohlasur asks how can a command woman be so powerful. Bhargavi says its a power of love. Kohlasur asks who is she. Bhargavi turns into Mahalaxi.

Everyone bend in front of him. Mahadev says devi Mahalaxmi’s new avatar will be called Devi Ambabai. Kohlasur says he is ready to die via her hands, but he wants this placed to be named after him. Devi Mahalaxmi says this place will be known as Kohlapur from hereon. Everyone bow in front of Mahalaxmi.

Mahalaxmi turns back to Bhargavi. Padmavati apologizes Bhargavi for her atrocities towards her. Bhargavi forgives her. Srinivas asks Padmavati if he is still bound by her promise not to meet Bhargavi in life again.

Bhargavi says she will not meet Srinivas again. Padmavati says she doesn’t mind if Bhargavi marries Srinivas. Bhargavi says she had promised Venkatesh to leave with him from Karvirpur.


RadhaKrishn 14th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Mahadev announces Narayan’s new avatar in Ventaktiri to be called as Venkateshwar from hereon. Bhrigu and others pray Venkateshwar, Padmavati, and Bhargavi’s divine avatars.


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