RadhaKrishn 14th August 2020 Written Episode Update


RadhaKrishn 14th August 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

RadhaKrishn 14th August 2020 Krishna asks Arjun to drive chariot fast as they need to reach Hastinapur as soon as possible. Duryodhan’s coronation pooja starts. He orders brahmin to hurry up. Brahmin says he has to perform pooja properly. Shakuni says his nephew is eager to become king. Dhritarastra asks not to hurry up as he needs god’s blessings. Guru Dronacharya sees climate changing and informs Bhisma that someone untoward will happen. Duryodhan sits on throne while Shakuni hurriedly tries to fix crown on him and finish coronation ceremony when Krishna enters asking why is in a hurry to coronate Duryodhan. Balram walks in next followed by Bhisma, Dronacharya, Pandavs, Kunti. Dronacharya and Bhisma ask why is he coronating Duryodhan at night. Arjun realizes that Krishna knew everything beforehand, so he insisted us to reach Hastinapur ASAP, he is very divine.

Shakuni says it is not wrong if a king coronates his future king. Bhisma and Dronacharya says it is not right to coronate at this time. Duryodhan gets angry and shouts who gave them right to speak and who is Krishna to interfere here, he is neither guest nor their relative. Arjun warns how dare he is to insult Sri Krishna, Bhisma, and Dronacharya. Yudistra says he is Hatinapur’s yuvraj as his father
Pandav was past king and Krishna is his cousin and he invited him here. Bhisma says Krishna is even his guests and asks Dhritarastra if he cannot invite his guests here. Shakuni warns Duryodhan to maintain his calm and not spoil the situation. Dhritarastra says Hastinapur is even Bhisma and Pandavs’ house and they have equal right on it. Bhisma says it is wrong to coronate Duryodhan at midnight like this. Dhritarastra apologizes again. Duryodhan gets angry and shouts he doesn’t have to apologize as he is the king and he can coronate his son and Krishna doesn’t have any right. Krishna says he will speak only if he is asked to from hereon. Yudistra says he is elder yuvraj, so he should become king instead. Bhisma suggests Dhritarastra that Krishna is the only person who can solve this problem. Dhritarastra apologizes Krishna on Duryodhan’s behalf and requests him to solve the issue. Krishna thanks him and says if he feels Duryodhan is competent enough to become king, he can coronate him or select the competent one. Shakuni says coronation muhurath is gone and asks pandit to find another muhurath. Pandit says its after 2 days. Shakuni asks Dhritarastra to evaluate all the competent persons and select one. Krishna agrees.

Dhritarastra thanks Krishna for his opinion and requests to guide him and be his guest till the issue is solved. He and Gandhari emotionally greet Pandavs and requests them to stay in Hastinapur from hereon. Pandavs thank them. Gandhari takes Panchali and Kunti to women’s section of palace. Bhisma informs Pandavs that he eagerly wanted Sri Krishna to become his guest and only he could bring Pandavs alive here. Arjun takes Krishna to his room and says this is his favorite room and Krishna should stay here. Krishna asks how can he. Arjun says devotee wants his

RadhaKrishn 17th August 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :

disciple to enjoy the best thing. Krishna gives him moral gyaan and suggests to seek his right and right now his right is to vote and select future king.

Precap: Krishna gambles with Shakuni and says he is neither on Pandavs nor on Kauravs’ side, he is on dharma’s side. Shakuni says that means he wants both destroyal and massacre. Dhritarastra asks Pandavs what they need. Yudistra says Hastinapur should be divided into two. Krishna urges Arjun to seek his right.


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