RadhaKrishn 14th September 2022 Written Episode Update


RadhaKrishn 14th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

RadhaKrishn 14th September 2022 Bhargavi says Venkatesh supproted her when Srinivas wasn’t present, she is in a dilemma whether to stay with Srinivas and leave Karvirpur with Venkatesh.

Srinivas says he knows she is in a dilemma and has a solution for that. Venkatesh merges into Srinivas. Srinivas says he is Venkatesh, Vishun, Narayan, etc., and shows his divine avatar. Everyone present there greet him in devotion. Govindraj tries to touch his feet. Srinivas stops him and says he was always his elder brother and will always be.

Govindraj hugs him and says he realized that his mischievous younger brother is Narayan and wants to know why he took Srinivas’s form. Srinivas says because of the curse and describes the whole incident. He says he became Srinivas to take back his Laxmi aka Bhargavi.

Rishi Bhrigu apologizes Srinivas for his mistakes and requests him to marry Bhargavi. Srinivas tells Bhargavi that at last he fulfilled his promise to marry her with her father’s permission.

Srinivas absorbs Bhargavi’s avatar and says Devi Mahalaxmi’s Ambabai’s avatar will stay in Kohlapur forever and will make it a religious place. Mahadev greets Devi Ambabai. Devi Gauri asks if its an end of Srinivas and Bhargavi’s story. Mahadev says it will end in Karvirpur.

Srinivas addresses people that he and Bhargavi had Venkatgiri to teach the power of love to everyone. King Akash requests Srinivas to stay in the temple with Padmavati and Bhargavi forever and bless whoever visits this temple. They all 3 turn into an idol. Mahadev says Narayan avatar in Ventakgiri would be called Venkateshwar.

King Akash recalls his mistake in his past life as a Chola Naresh and sacrifices his hair as promised to Narayan then. Mahadev says sacrificing hair would be a ritual in Venkatgiri temple and whoever visits temple would be blessed by Vankateshwar and Ambabai to be prosperous whole life. He says he feels honored to be par of Srinivas and Bhargavi’s love story.

Indradev says Srinivas and Bhargavi’s story is part of Narayan and Laxmi’s dream and whoever visits Venkatgiri temple would be blessed always. All gods thank Narayan and Laxmi for showing them this divine story. They visit Narayan and Laxmi and find them asleep, so he plans to wake them up via Krishna.

Back to Dwarka, Balram searches Kanha. Kanha is seen resting on Radha’s lap. Gods visit Mahadev and request him to wake up Laxmi Narayan. Mahadev says Venkateshwar and Ambabai’s devotees are suffering because of their absence and reveals that Radha Krishna went into deep sleep after having his bhang mixed prasad and only Balram can wake them up. Gods visit Balram and request him to wake up Radha Krishna somehow.


RadhaKrishn 15th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Radha tells Krishna that he doesn’t want people to accuse that Krishna is suffering because of Radha, why only women bear the pain always.Krishna says he will show her pain to the world.


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