RadhaKrishn 15th July 2021 Written Episode Update


RadhaKrishn 15th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

RadhaKrishn 15th July 2021 Radha drinks milk to make Krishna full. Narad is shocked to see blood flowing out of Krishna’s lips and asks him how did this milk come as he never drank milk. Sam condemns Radha in front of servant and yells that she took oath that she will not break her fast until Krishna breaks his fast and is caught red handed having milk. Radha sys she drank milk as Krishna is hungry and they both are connected to each other. Sam yells to accept that she is lying. Radha says his opinion doesn’t matter to her. she is only worried for Krishna. She drinks milk again. Narad is shocked to see milk oozing out of Krishna’s mouth. Sam remembers Radha giving him boiled milk pot for Krishna and exchanged it with cold milk. Radha drinks hot milk and calls Krishna in pain. Tears roll down Krishna’s eyes. Balram rushes to Radha hearing her and asks who gave hot milk to Radha, she must have got blisters in her mouth with hot milk. Radha says she is worried for Krishna. Sam smirks and thinks .

Krishna’s Ashthabharis/8 wives thiks its evening and they should return to palace. They ask Krishna to accompany them. Krishna says he cannot accompany them as his legs have blistered. They are shocked to see that. Narad asks how can he get blisters on his legs as he didn’t even move from here since morning. Krishna says he cannot understand the connection and meaning of love. Sam brings food for them. Narad asks the reason for delay. Sam says its because of Radha’s drama, he acted as fasting and when he caught her drinking milk, she lied that she drank milk to calm down Krishna’s hunger. Narad says now he realized why milk was flowing down Krishna mouth as if he was drinking milk and Krishna’s legs blistered when Radha’s mouth blistered due to hot milk. Sam says they should start food. Krishna asks him to stop his conspiracies and says he wants to return to palace right now. Ashthabharis agree, and Narad help Krishna walk.

Vaidya checks Radha’s mouth and says her mouth blisters will go away with honey. Balram brings honey for Radha. Radha says she is worried for Krishna. Guard informs that Krishna returned and his having blisters in his feet. Radha rushes to Krishna’s room and applies medicine on his blisters feeling his pain. Ashthabharis walk in and asks Krishna to join them to break fast. Krishna says he is not hungry as Radha already satisfied him, so they can break fast. They walk away. Krishna asks Radha who gave her hot milk and says nobody can understand their love. Narad walks in and gets emotional seeing their bonding and love. Krishna reminds him to select one among asthabharis to sit in havan with Krishna. Balram walks in next. Narad says seeing Radha’s love for Krishna, he feels only Radha should sit in havan with Krishna. After sometime, Radha denies to have honey to heal her blisters. Krishna says he will remove medicine from his feet them. Radha stops him and asks to feed her honey.


RadhaKrishn 16th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Ashthabharis ask Radha how will she test them next. Sam says Radha cannot test ashthabharis as they don’t trust her.


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