RadhaKrishn 15th June 2022 Written Episode Update


RadhaKrishn 15th June 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

RadhaKrishn 15th June 2022 Padmavati visits Bhrigu’s house. Srinivas acts as surprise and asks what is she doing here. Padmavati says she came to help in the wedding arrangements and attend yagna.

Srinivas thinks he wanted to keep Padmavati and Bhargavi away, but she came here. Vasu hears their conversation and tells Bala that they have come to attend havan, he will go there and find out what is gong to happen next. He walks to them. Srinivas says he is happy to see 2 royal family members.

Vasu acts as surprised seeing them there. Vasu murmurs that they Padmavati wasn’t enough that even Vasu came. Padmavati asks if he said something. He says they should go in before its late.

Srinivas walks in first followed by Padmavati and Bhirgu. Brighu welcomes them. Karthik tries to stand in their honor. Padmavati asks him to not get up from havan and orders servants to keep the gifts aside.

Karthik gets happy seeing the gifts. Bhargavi signals Srinivas to come and sit next to her. Padmavati asks Vasu to sit beside his would be wife, leaving Bhargavi sad. Padmavati sits besides Srinivas. Bhrigu explains the importance of havan for the bride and groom.

Bhargavi hopes she would have sit beside Sriinivas. Srinivas freezes time and tells Bhargavi that he knows she wanted to sit beside him and he wants to fulfill all her wishes, he knows the pain of separation recalling Dhama’s curse and Bhrigu’s wish.

He says he lost her earlier but not now, they both will have to teach love to the world. He then walks to Vasu and says they need to explain Vasu that love is far away from anger, jealousy, and treachery. He then explains Bhrigu that one cannot hold love.

He says Bhargavi is love and wiggles her hair. He then sits back on his seat and unfreezes time.

After havan, Padmavati offers gifts to the bride and groom. Karthik thanks her. Vasu touches Bhrigu’s feet. Bhrigu says he and Padmavati increased the respect by attending he havan. Karhik tells his friend that prince and princess managed their dignity or else their arrangement wasn’t up to the mark. Padmavati walks to Bhargavi.

Srinivas gets nervous. Vidya thanks Padmavati for attending the ritual. Padmavati says since she is Bhargavi’s friend, she is even her friend. Vidya thanks Bhargavi for inviting Padmavati.

Bhrigu gives panchamrith to Bhargavi and asks her to distribute among the guests. Bhargavi thinks it wouldn’t suffice and prepares more panchamrith. She thinks since Padmavati is her friend now, she needs to discus with her about her and Srinivas’ relationship. She walks to Padmavati and takes her aside to speak.


RadhaKrishn 16th June 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Bhrigu tells Khyati that Srinivas passed in his test after organizing the havan. Khyati asks how will they get their daughter married to a man who doesn’t even have his own house. Bhrigu says he will test if Srinivas is self-relient. Srinivas tells Govindraj that Bhrigu will not send his daughter to the place where they are staying now.


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