RadhaKrishn 15th November 2021 Written Episode Update


RadhaKrishn 15th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

RadhaKrishn 15th November 2021 Krishna thinks let us see if his love will win or Kaptasur’s kapat/evilness. Kaptasur asks Radha for a dance. Radha says he should play bansuri first. He says let us dance first. Radha says they both will play bansuri and then dance. She plays bansuri followed by him.

Balram gets angry seeing that and asks Krishna how can he tolerate Radha playing bansuri with Kaptasur. Krishna says he can hear only Radha’s bansuri as her heart and soul is pure. Balram asks why don’t he end Kaptasur. Krishna says ending Kaptasur is not in his destiny and Radha will end Kaptasur instead. Balram asks if she will. Krishna says and walks away saying he is going to find out truth.

Gopis clap and praise Radha and Kaptasur’s bansuri music. Kaptasur notices Krishna around and tells Radha that they should play a hide and seek game like they used to before. Radha agrees. Kaptasur blindfolds her. Krishna arrives. Gopis are shocked to see 2 Krishnas and try to alert Radha, but Kaptasur stops them and plays bansuri.

Radha walks towards her. Krishna also plays bansuri. Radha stops and walks towards him. Kaptasur tells Krishna that he is an ace bansuri player and hence Radha is getting attracted to him, so he should try to attract Radha without bansuri. Krishna agrees.

Kaptasur attracts Radha with feet sounds. Radha walks to him but stops sensing him not smelling like Krishna. Krishna walks away towards a cliff end. Radha walks towards him sensing his perfume of love. Krishna smiles at Kaptasur and says Radha loves only him. Kaptasur gets angry and tries to lure Radha with his words and thinks he will end Krishna with peacock feather poison once Radha accepts him.

Radha surpasses Krishna and picking peacock feather sees a flashback of Shukracharya giving him poisonous feather to kill Krishna. She confronts him for tricking her and says Krishna was right that she should end her delusion to end Kaptasur’s kapat. She pricks feathers into him and pushes him from cliff.


RadhaKrishn 16th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Shalv asks Shukracharya who hates Krishna like him. Shukracharya says there is one person who hates Krishna more than him and warns Krishna that he won’t be alive for long. A man is seen meditating.


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