RadhaKrishn 15th October 2021 Written Episode Update


RadhaKrishn 15th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

RadhaKrishn 15th October 2021 Radha Krishna imprint their hands on stones of a moment. Radha says it will take a lot of time to build this monument. She reminds him of a dream after which Dwarka was built in no time and says even this monument will be built in no time. He keeps a stone on ground and all other stones join in to become a big pillar/minaret.

Radha asks if he is using his superpowers again to build this monument. Krishna says they will be immerse in an element they are made of, similarly one stone is attracting another stone to become a monument which will be a symbol of their love. He asks her to imprint her hand on a flag and enlarging themselves fixes flag on monument and says its a symbol of their love now.

Sam meets rishi Durvasa. Angry Durvasa asks why did he come here uninvited. Sam holding his feet pleads to accept is invitation. Durvasa asks who is he. He says he is Krishna’s son and came to invite him to Dwarka. Durvasa denies to accompany him until he finishes his yagna. Sam requests to let him protect him from asurs till he finishes yagna. Durvasa asks if he is capable of protecting him.

Sam says he is Mahadev’s ansh/part and can tackle asurs. Durvasa asks him to keep women/Gopis away from him as he is a brahmachari and sends them to a hut outside his ashram. Shukracharya noticing it sends his asurs to help Sam. Asurs reach and order Durvasa to stop his yagna as they want to stay in this jungle.

Sam opposes the and fights with them, then thinks he should bear some hits to make it look like real. He falls down. Asur walks towards Durvasa. Sam gets up and kills all asurs. Durvasa finishes his yagna and seeing his bravery promises to accompany him to Dwarka. Sam acts happy. Gopis also praise him. Sam

Sam asks Shukracharya about his next plan. Shukracharya says he sent his asur devotee already to execute his plan. Asur disguised as a rishi sends gopis to Durvasa’s room Rudravas agets angry seeing them and says he never allows any woman in his hut after sunset and threatens to burn them alive.

They plead him to forgive them for their mistakes. Sam says gopis are innocent and just dance around Krishna, Krishna must have taught them this. Durvasa gets more angry and determines to punish Krishna.

Radha feels sad that they will be leaving the world soon. Krishna consoles her and says they will be on earth for some more time and will finish a few unfinished tasks. He asks Radha to get ready for their next journey and create a symbol on water. Radha thinks what will he do next. Sam thinks Durvasa will reach Dwarka to kill Krishna, he will not inform Krishna about Durvasa’s arrival or else he will ruin his plan.


RadhaKrishn 16th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Durvasa asks Krishna if he will not serve him kheer. Krishna says he himself will prepare kheer. Sam spoils kheer.Durvasa gets angry after having kheer and says Krishna insulted him and nobody can stop him from punishment.


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