RadhaKrishn 15th September 2020 Written Episode Update


RadhaKrishn 15th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

RadhaKrishn 15th September 2020 Krishna suggests Duryodhan to accept Pandavs and be good to them. Duryodhan angrily shouts that he even he can make magical palace like this. Krishna warns him to be careful as there is a water in front of it. Duryodhan is amazed to see water emerging and walks away. He sees Draupadi with her maid and says everything is magical here except Draupadi, she is the most beautiful woman present here. He asks her how is she and how are her 5 husbands. Draupadi warns him that he is her guest and should mind his language. Duryodhan shouts that she chose Arjun over him who shared her among his 4 brothers, etc. Draupadi stands fuming. Krishna thinks he warned Duryodhan to maintain his calm. Duryodhan walks ahead shouting he can make many magical palaces like this and can easily differentiate between land and water here. He turns and falls down into water. Draupadi laughs saying a blind’s son is also blind, father is eye less and and son is vision less. Duryodhan burns in anger. Dushyana extends his hand, but Duryodhan pushes him and gets out fuming. Krishna gets tensed seeing this. Time freezes, and Radha walks to him and asks why he looks tensed in Indraprastha. He says Draupadi’s harsh words will create havoc in the future. Radha says Draupadi is an innocent woman and didn’t realize what she spoke, she will repent after realizing her mistake, so he should make her realize her mistake and suggest her to apologize Duryodhan. Krishna says he doesn’t know what will happen. He unfreezes time and making Draupadi realize her mistake asks her to apologize Duryodhan. Draupadi apologizes Duryodhan, but Duryodhan walks away shouting he will take revenge. He breaks pillars angrily. Shakuni and Dushyasan calm him down.

Yudistra with his brothers finishes Rajasuya yagna and thanks everyone present for attending it. Duryodhan asks Dushayasan about Sishupal. Dushasyan says Sishupal is an evil and he would be finding a place to perform his sin. Yudistra says he is ready to take his throne. Arjun says first Madhav should sit on it and then king should sit on it. They unveil throne and are shocked to see Sishupal sitting on it. Yudistra asks what is he doing here. Sishupal starts insulting Krishna that a cheap dog will sit on this throne now. Bheem warns him to mind his tongue. Sishupal shouts a dog spoke. Yudistra asks Bheem to let him speak. Sishupal shouts another dog barked. He continues that Pandavs are cheap characters who are born by 2 mothers and 5 fathers, etc. Arjun warns to dare not speak ill about his mother. Sishupal says he is immortal and Arjun’s arrows cannot harm him, so Arjun should return to his characterless mother. Krishna warns him next. He insults Krishna more. Krishna continues counting his sins. Draupadi warns Sishupal next. Sishupal insults her next and says she has 6 husband including Krishna whom she is supporting, whole Bharath knows what they do in lieu of friendship. Krishna warns him that he insulted a mother, wife, and a woman today crossed all his limits, so now he deserves his end.


RadhaKrishn 16th September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Krishna gets his sudarshan chakra to kill Sishupal for insulting Radha. Sishupal runs in fear. Duryodhan wins gambling over Pandavs and orders Dushyasan to disrobe Draupadi as a revenge. Radha asks Krishna to go and protect Draupadi.


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