RadhaKrishn 16th July 2021 Written Episode Update


RadhaKrishn 16th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

RadhaKrishn 16th July 2021 Radha tells Krishna that she should be angry on him as he didn’t let her accompany him and perform horse pooja and kept a fast above that, why didn’t he realize that wherever they are, they are bonded together. He says he loves a talkative Radha as her silence was bothering him. He brings food for her and tries to feed. She says he should have first. They argue and then smilingly feed each other. She smiles. He asks why is she smiling and what happened to her task fo selecting one among asthabhari. She says she is confused but will find a solution soon. He thinks let him see if she can find a better partner than herself.

Devi Gauri noticing that tells Mahadev that Radha’s love is immense and asks how will she make selection. He says he is responsible for kalchakra and its speed and cannot go against it. Devtas visit him and says the universe is turning dark because of evil energies and if Krishna doesn’t perform ashwamedh yagna, it would be difficult to control evil energies. Mahadev calls Narad and asks if he selected ashtabhari for yagna. Narad says he will soon convince Radha to select one among ashtabhari to sit with Krishna for yagna. He meets Krishna who says he married his 8 wives with 7 vows and they can be tested with 7 vows and selected.

Guard informs Sam that yagna horse has reached halfway. Sam tells Jamvati that Radha is delaying selection as she doesn’t want to or else she would have select one among ashthabharis, he will make sure that she selects Jamvati for yagna. Jamvati says she can understand his feelings, but he shouldn’t do anything unusual which may harm others. He says his plan is foolproof and he will not fail. Narad tells Radha that if she doesn’t complete selection before horse reaches Dwarka, Krishna’s yagna will be incomplete. Radha assures she will.

Sam gathers 7 ashthabharis at midnight and provokes them against Radha that she doesn’t want to select one among them at all. Rukmini says they know he doesn’t love them as mothers and is tricking them against Radha, so they will not trust him without any proof. He says Radha herself wants to sit in yagna. Rukmini says Radha is not Krishna’s wife and hence cannot sit in yagna. Sam says that is why she wants to gain respect in Krishna’s eyes and everyone will not get a chance to sit in yagna with Krishna. Rukmini says he didn’t learn from his many mistakes and is again alleging Radha. Sam challenges that he will prove that Radha is conspiring against them. On the other side, Narad informs her that Krishna found a solution for her and said he married his 8 wives with 7 vows and they can be tested with 7 vows and selected. Radha gets happy hearing that.


RadhaKrishn 17th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :All 8 ashtabharis perform Krishna tuladan and weigh him against gold. Sam thinks he has most gold and his mother will win, but Jamvati also fails. Radha asks Rukmini to perform tuladan as she is sure she will win. Rukmini asks is it right to perform Krishna’s tuladan who built Dwarka with gold.


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