RadhaKrishn 16th November 2021 Written Episode Update


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RadhaKrishn 16th November 2021 Radha blindfolded kills Kaptasur and asks Krishna to remove her blindfold. He does so. She thanks him for giving her an inner vision. He calms her down and says everyone knows now that to reach her one needs to have Krishna in their hearts.

He offers to dance with her and says now she will also be called Radha Rani Raseshwari who is a god of raas/dance. He plays bansuri while Radha with Gopis dances around him. Mahadev and devi Gauri enjoy their dance and praise Krishna leela.

Shukracharya performs a funeral. Shalv informs him that Radha killed Kaptasur and asks if he got so emotional that he is performing Kaptasur’s imaginary funeral. Shukracharya gets angry and says he performs his mother’s funeral every year after Krishna killed his mother; he knows a person who hates Krishna more than him and wants to kill Krishna.

Shalv asks who is that person. Shukracharya says Dantvakra’s brother Vidurath; Krishna killed his brother Dantvakra and friend Sishupal; he is meditating since then and waiting to take revenge from Krishna. Shalv says let us meet Vidurath. Shukracharya says he is not yet ready, Krishna won’t be alive for long.

Radha serves butter to Krishna and says he is resting here instead of performing his task. He says one has to enjoy butter when there is no task. Gopis bring butter, milk, curd, and kheer for Krishna and request Radha Krishna to visit their village for raas/dance. They both agree. Each one insist to visit their village first.

Krishna asks them to decide whose village to visit first and inform them. They agree and walk away. Krishna tells Radha that even Mahadev is helping them in their raas. Devi Gauri hears that and asks Mahadev how will he help Krishna. Mahadev says its Krishna leela and only he knows. She says they both are each other’s aradhya and know each other’s mind; asks Mahadev to meet Vidhurath and stop his meditation.

Mahadev meets Dantavakra who says he wants to become powerful like his brother Dantavakra whom Krishna killed with trick. Mahadev says Dantavakra died due to his sins. Vidhurath insists to make him undefeatable wrestler. Mahadev boons him and disappears. Vidhurath determines to kill Krishna.

Radha and Revati prepare feast for Krishna and search him. Krishna hides. Balram notices him and asks why is he hiding. Krishna says he cannot have so much food. Balram drags him in front of them. Krishna says he wants to fast today and hence wants to skip their feast. They insist to taste some.

He tastes a few bites and asks Balram to finish it as he is wrestler and can digest food easily with exercise. Balram says even Krishna is a wrestler. Krishna says they need to do mental wrestling. Balram asks what is it. Krishna asks to finish food first to know its meaning. Balram finishes food hurriedly. Vidhurath heads towards Dwarka to kill Krishna.


RadhaKrishn 17th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Vidhurath challenges Krishna for a wrestling match.


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