RadhaKrishn 17th May 2022 Written Episode Update


RadhaKrishn 17th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

RadhaKrishn 17th May 2022 Padmavathi challenges Srinivas that though he has promised Bhargavi, she will prove that she is Venkatgiri’s best dancer. Srinivas tells her that he is teaching her dance on her insistence and teaching dance to Bhargavi on Bhrigu’s insistence, he is performing his duties loyally, then why is his one student misbehaving with another student. Padmavathi slits her wrist and says she can go to any extent to fulfill her wish.

King calls Vasu and Padmavathi for a meeting. Minister informs him that all the ministers are waiting for him in the courtyard. King says he needs to have an important meeting with the family first. Vasu tells Bala that he will prove Padmavathi as characterless by proving that she loves a cook Srinivas and then ousting her will get a crown.

Padmavathi tells Srinivas that if he thinks she is being rude to Bhargavi, there is a reason behind it and gets adamant in her decision to defeat Bhargavi. Srinivas says even he will keep his promise and will make Bhargavi the best dancer in the world. Padmavathi angrily walks away from there.

She then meets king and apologizes him for coming late. He notices her wrist injury and asks if she is fine. She says its just a small cut and asks him reason for calling her. He informs that he has fixed her swayamwar. Vsau tells Vasu that Padmavathi will refuse for swayamvar, then he will prove that she wants to marry Srinivas and oust her from the race of crown.

Padmavati agrees for swayamvar and says she wants to have a dance competition and whoever win over her will be her life partner. Vasu is amazed with her decision and insists for proper archery and other powerful competitions.

King says Padmavathi has right to decide about her swayamvar. Srinivas reaches Bhargavi’s house. Khyati informs him that Bhargavi returned from place with an injured feet and is trying to apply ointment on her feet with great difficulty without taking her help. Srinivas walks to Bhargavi and insists to apply ointment to her wound.

She hesitantly agrees. He recalls Laxmi serving Narayan and thinks Laxmi Narayan, Radha Krishna, and Bhargavi Srinivas are same. Bhargavi asks if he is sure that he will make her a better dancer than Padmavathi. He says 100% sure. She wears ghungroo and dance practices. He feels proud of her determination.


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