RadhaKrishn 17th September 2020 Written Episode Update


RadhaKrishn 17th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

RadhaKrishn 17th September 2020 Messenger informs Yudistra that Dhritarastra has congratulated him for completing Rajasuya yagna and becoming king, he has invited them to Hastinapur for a gambling match. Krishna suggests Yudistra not to accept this invitation as gambling is not good. Yudistra says there is no fear when Bhisma, Vidur, and other elders are present. Krishna says they are kingdom’s servants and don’t have their own opinion. Yudistra says it is jusst a game. Krishna says it is a game until someone’s selfish intentions are not involved, Duryodhan and his wicked uncle are there who will manipulate the game. Yudistra says he knows that as a king he cannot reject war or gambling invitation. Krishna warns him to be careful and make each move after much thought. He says it is time for him to return to Dwarka and leaves. Krishna then meets Radha. Radha seeing him tensed and asks why is he so tensed, it is just a game. Krishna says it will create a history which nobody will forget and there is a hidden agenda involved, Draupadi will be dragged in it unnecessarily. Radha asks why will Draupadi be involved in all this. Krishna says because of her deeds, she will be in trouble. Radha says Draupadi considers Krishna as her best friend and tied cloth on his bleeding finger, so he should help Draupadi.

Pandavs reach Hastinapur. Dhritarastra with others greet them and says he is so happy to invite them here and if god had not taken his vision, he wanted to see his nephews’ created kingdom, he heard its awsome. Dronacharya says his students have created a magical city. Vidhur and Bhisma suggest Yudistra to not accept this gambling challenge as gambling always leads to destroyal. Dushyasan asks what is wrong if brothers play a friendly match. Dhritarastra says there is nothing wrong in it. Duryodhan says he just wants to play a friendly peaceful match with his cousins. Bhisma comments again, but Dhritrastra shuts him up. Yudistra says he is ready for the match. Vidhur says then they should set the rules. Duryodhan says they will set it during the game. Vidhur insists and says there won’t be any woman involved in game and women can’t even be spectators, it should be played peacefully and loyally, etc. Duryodhan says he wants Shakuni throw dice for him. Yudistra says he himself will throw dice. Duryodhan says he wants refreshment for him and his brothers, etc. Dushyasan asks him how will he win with these rules. Duryodhan asks to just wait and watch. Gambling starts.

Krishna gambles with Radha. Radha asks when he was opposing gambling, why is he gambling with her then. Krishna says he wants to explain a secret which neither Yudistra, Duryodhan, Shakuni or others know about; this gambling will be a big disaster and can only be forgone with love, else history will never forget it.

Gambling starts. Yudistra wins first bet. Pandavs laugh. Duryodhan loses and acts as fuming. He continues betting his palaces, wealth, army, etc. Yudistra continues winning and Pandavs continue laughing.


RadhaKrishn 18th September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Yudistra says Duryodhan tricked and looted everything from them. Duryodhan asks to bet Drapaudi and after winning her orders Dushyasan to drag to sabha holding her hair.


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