RadhaKrishn 18th May 2021 Written Episode Update


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RadhaKrishn 18th May 2021 Krishna tells Radha that he cannot do anything if she doesn’t need his help, but if she wants to ask him why Hanuman is called Maruti Nandan, he would have informed her that Hanuman is yavu putra and he is called Pavan Putra Hanuman. Radha is surprised to hear that. Krishna says he can inform her a lot, but since she doesn’t want to, he will leave. She stops him and asks him to inform her more about Hanuman. Krishna says just like her, Hanuman also must be gather information about her which he can easily. She says she wants to hear more about Hanuman. Krishna says Hanuman is also called Bajrang Bali and describes that when Hanuman in childhood went to eat Suryadev, there was a flood on earth.

He describes in detail that when Hanuman tried to eat Hanuman, Suryadev sought Indradev’s help who attacked Hanuman with his vajra. Hanuman falls down. Vayudev holds him and gets angry seeing his son being attacked, asks who attacked his son. Indradev emerges and says he attacked his son as he was trying to eat Suryadev. Vayudev in anger says he will withdraw air from the whole universe and does same, leaving all the flora and fauna to dry and people die. Indradev and Suryadev get afraid seeing that. Radha asks Krishna ifthey didn’t seek Narayan’s help.

Krishna says that is what happened and continues story where Narayan reaches Vayudev and asks him to calm down. Vayuvdev says how can he see his son is severely injured. Narayan says just like Vayudev made a mistake by attacking with Vajra on Hanuman, even Hanuman trying to each Suryadev is a mistake, so Vayudev should forgive Indradev and return air in the world. Brahmadev also requests Vayudev. Vayudev obeys them and returns air to the world. Indra gives boon to Hanuman that because of his Vajra, Maurti is injured, so he will be called Hanuman and his body would be strong like a vajra.

Out of flashback, Radha asks Krishna of Hanuman’s body is of vajra. Krishna says that is why he is called Vajrabali, Bajrangbali and continues story that Brahmadev gives boon to Hanuman to travel with high speed wherever he wants to and Brahmastra will not harm him. Varundev boons him that he will not be harmed by water. Vishwakarma boons him that he will not be harmed by his made weapons. Yamraj boons him that he will be immortal and healthy forever. Suryadev boons him with his brightness and says Hanuman will be bright like a son and he will have knowledge of the whole world. Kuber boons him with a mace which is undefeatable.

Hanuman wakes up with all gods’ boons. Radha says Hanuman has so many boons and powers, how will she win over him. Krishna suggests her to go and meet Hanuman and tell him that she is gathering information about him. Radha says he sometimes says to challenge Hanuman and sometimes frightens her, she will go and inform Hanuman anyways that she is gathering information about him and walks away. Krishna thinks even Hanuman would try to gather information about Radha and he wants Hanuman to teach meaning of devotion to Dwarka.

Radhka addresses Hanuman as Maruti Nandan and Chiranjeevi. Hanuman thinks who is calling him with these names as nobody knows his other names. Radha walks to him and says she is gathering information about him and knows how powerful she is, but she is Krishna’s biggest devotee and will give him a fierce competition. Hanuman thinks devi Radha found so much about him, so even he should find about her. He then realizes that he had to take kheer for Balram and walks to him with a big kheer pot. Balram hurriedly wakes up and acts as exercising. Hanuman praises his determination and offers him kheer. Balram starts eating kheer. Krishna enters and asks him to stop eating as he tricked. Balram asks not to interfere between him and his kheer. Hanuman says Balram completed 500 situps and didn’t trick. Krishna says Balram was resting and didn’t complete 500 pushups. Balram says Krishna is lying. Krishna suggests Hanuman to use his superpowers fand find out truth. Hanuman tells Balram that he can get into anyone’s heart and find out truth, so he shouldn’t lie. Balram agrees that he felt tired and rested for sometime. Hanuman takes kheer away and warns Balram not to cross laxman rekha. Balram fumes on Krishna.

Krishna sees Hanuman tensed and asks reasons. Hanuman says he met Radha who informed that she is gathering information about him, so even he should do same, but don’t know how. Krishna suggests him to seek his prabhu Sri Ram’s help. Hanuman says he cannot trouble his prabhu for a simple issue, so he will seek Mahadev’s help. Krishna says he should do same and requests him to let Balram Dau have kheer. Hanuman praises Krishna’s kind nature, returns kheer to Balram, and warns him to never trick anyone in life. He then visits Shiv temple and requests Mahadev to emerge in front of him and solve his dilemma. Balram enjoys kheer and tells Krishna that Hanuman doesn’t know howmuch adamant he is, he wants Radha and Hanuman’s competition and the reason behind it will be out soon.


RadhaKrishn 19th May 2021 18th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Krishna starts Radha and Hanuman’s competitoin.Hanuman enlarges himself. Radha praises him. Hanuman says he knew she would back off herself. Radha says she just praised him and hasn’t backed off. He asks her to answer his question then.


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