RadhaKrishn 19th July 2021 Written Episode Update


RadhaKrishn 19th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

RadhaKrishn 19th July 2021 Krishna gathers his ashthabharis/8 wives and others to decide who will sit with him for yagna. Rukmini tells Radha that looks like she will select one soon. Sam enters and tells Radha that she is unfit to make that selection. Rukmini warns him to mind his tongue. Sam says asthabharis don’t trust Radha. Rukmini says she does. Sam says ashthabharis can think by themselves and don’t need Radha’s help. Radha says if they don’t trust her, she will not make any selection.

Balram warns Sam to stop his wicked drama. Mahadev and Devi Gauri feel sad seeing Radha being alleged. Krishna asks ashthabharis if they have any problem with Radha. Nobody speaks. Sam says they have a problem with Radha and insist them to back him and asks Krishna to ask them individually. Krishna warns Sam to shut his mouth as ashthabharis don’t need a manipulative wicked middleman like him to take any decision and asks Radha to proceed. Radha says ashthabharis will be selected based on the 7 vows they took with Krishna during their wedding. Asthabharis like her idea. Sam asks them again to disagree to Radha and back him. They all deny. Krishna warns him to shut his mouth. Sam taunts that Krishna is respecting his girlfriend more than his wives. Krishna asks him to leave.

Mahadev feels sad seeing Krishna sad, meets him, and shows his concern. Krishna says there will an a surprising event while selecting one among ashthabhari to sit with him for yagna. In Krishna sabha, Radha asks ashtabharis who will express their feelings for Krishna first. Jamvati says she will. Others ask why should she get a chance first, they will instead. Sam backs Jamvati. Krishna warns Sam to let them speak. Rukmini requests others to let Jamvati speak first. Radha express his feelings for Krishna and reason that she fulfilled all 7 wedding vows. Sam says his mother should get a chance. Radha says they should listen to others also. Krishna next wife speaks followed by other 5 wives.

Krishna’s soldiers carry horse around other kingdoms when a king stops them and says he will not accept Krishna’s rule and orders them to go back or else with his huge army, he will kill them. They run and send message to Balram. Balram reads a letter and informs Krishna that he needs to speak to him alone. Krishna says let him listen to Rukmini first. Rukmini gives her explaining with her reasoning for each vow. After she finishes, Radha says she chose one among them and its time to reveal her name. Sam enters and informs Krishna that another king caught their house and he cannot perform yagna without horse. Krishna thinks Sam is helping him unknowingly. Sam suggests to befriend that king and gift him wealth worth Krishna’s weight as tuladaan. Krishna agrees.


RadhaKrishn 20th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Ashthabharis weigh Krishna with their jewelry.Sam thinks his mother will win for sure, but she fails. Radha thinks they can win only if Krishna wants and tells them that they can win Krishna only by love. Sam says only who understands him well can win this tuladan competition.


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