RadhaKrishn 19th May 2022 Written Episode Update


RadhaKrishn 19th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

RadhaKrishn 19th May 2022 Govindraj informs Srinivas about Padmavati organizing swayamvar and keeping dance competition as she knows that only he is the best dancer in town.

Padmavathi tells Vasu that she needs to practice dance as she needs to compete with someone and defeat someone. Vasu thinks his sister is a fool who is worried about competition than her swayamwar, she thinks some Krishan will come to save her, let him see who will come save her.

Govindraj tells Srinivas that he is worried that king or prince may find out about Padmavati’s plan and they both get into trouble. Srinivas assur4es that nothing wrong will happen. Govindraj asks about his and Bhargavi’s love story.

Srinivas says it will start soon and insists him to meet rishi Bhrigu tomorrow. Govindraj agrees. Srinivsa thinks he will introduce his elder brother to Bhrigu before asking Bhargavi’s hand for marriage.

Bhargavi remembers Srinivas and eagerly waits for the morning to meet Srinivas. Srinivas hopes Rishi Bhrigu and Govindraj’s meeting goes well tomorrow. Bhargavi wears Srinivas’ gifted bangles and tries to sleep, but doesn’t get sleep. Her friends question her why she is not getting sleep and even disturbing them, is she thinking about Srinivas.

Bhargavi agrees and asks them to sleep now as she needs to wake up early morning before Bhrigu’s pooja. They taunt her to dream about Srinivas. Bhargavi falls asleep.

Bhrigu gets a nightmare about him kicking Narayan and Laxmi cursing him that brahmins will never get laxmi/wealth. He wakes up worried and checks on Bhargavi. He fears that Narayan has already come to take Bhargavi back.

Khyati asks why he looks tensed. He says he fears something bad will happen and curse will come true, because of which someone will snatch Bhargavi from him. Khayti asks why he thinks so. He hopes his dream is just a nightmare and plans to perform yagna to find out if Narayan has really married. Early morning, he takes Bhargavi along to perform yagna. Bhargavi feels sad that she cannot meet Srinivas today.

Srinivas prepares laddu. Govindraj tries to eat them. Srinivas stops him and asks him to wait for the right time. Govindraj taunts that he prepared it for his would be FIL and insists to taste it before Bhrigu. Srinivas emotionally traps him.

They both visit Bhrigu’s house where Khyati informs them that Bhrigu took Bhargavi to ashram for the yagna. Bhrigu drapes a veil over Bhargavi and asks her to sit still till he performs yagna and never move. He prays Mahadev that he wants to know if Narayan is coming to take Bhargavi back. Srinivas with Govindraj heads towards Bhrigu’s ashram


RadhaKrishn 20th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rishi Bhrigu seeks signal from Mahadev if Narayan came to take back Bhargavi and gets a positive sign. He thinks he needs to get Bhargavi married to someone immediately.


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