RadhaKrishn 1st September 2022 Written Episode Update


RadhaKrishn 1st September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

RadhaKrishn 1st September 2022 Govindraj closes her eyes and recalls Srinivas telling her that he is completely confident that she can be a best dancer of the world and teaching her dance. She starts dancing.

Padmavati’s aides hear ghungroo sound and head towards it. Venkatesh asks Bhargavi to think of a person whom she loves and only she can bring smile on his face. Bhargavi feels drowsy dancing and is about to fall when Venkatesh holds her. Bhargavi recalls Srinivas holding her similarly and loses consciousness.

Padmavati recalls Venkatesh informing her that Bhargavi has accepted her challenge. Her aides return to her and inform what they just saw. Padmavati says her doubt is right that Venkatesh can help Bhargavi.

She practices dance. Ventakesh takes Bhargavi back to Aayi’s house. Vasu gets angry on him. Venkatesh asks him to calm down and wait outside. Vasu asks him instead to go out as he wants to spend time with Bhargavi until she feels well.

Bharya walks in with herbal paste. Venkatesh loudly asks if she came and says he will get Bhargavi well with this medicine. Bharya asks if he didn’t prepare this medicine for himself. Venkatesh says Bhargavi’s pain is more than his pain.

Bhargavi asks Bharya if she brought herb for her husband. Bharya says yes and asks her to inform her if her husband troubles her. Vasu walks behind Bharya. Venkatesh sends Uma to inform Aayi about Bhargavi and thinks he can be with Bhargavi alone now. Bharya tries to escape from Vasu, but Vasu reaches and stops her. Bharya imagines trashing Vasu. Vasu gets her out of imagination and starts flirting with her.

Venkatesh questions Bhargavi if she didn’t remember a person she loves when she was dancing. Bhargavi says no and asks how can he be so sure. He can he can look into her eyes and read her mind. Bhargavi smiles.

Venkatesh asks what shall he inform Padmavati. Bhargavi says she is ready for a dance competition. Venkatesh leaves. Vasu sends a feast for Bharya and knocks her room door. Venkatesh asks Bharya how will he handle Vasu now. Bharya tells Vasu that she cannot talk to him now as she is busy meditating before having food. Vasu leaves disappointed.

Bharya asks Venkatesh why he told Bhargavi will start loving herself. Venkatesh explains. Aayi visits Bhargavi and suggests her that Vasu helps her a lot, so he should also help him. Uma asks Bhargavi if she will punish a person who had stolen her clothes. Bhargavi says she will for sure. Ventaktesh thinks her wish will be fulfilled soon and Mahadev will help her.


RadhaKrishn 2nd September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Vasu tells Bhargavi that he found a man who stole her clothes and brings Venkatesh. Bhargavi refuses to believe that Venkatesh can do this.


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