RadhaKrishn 20st May 2021 Written Episode Update


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RadhaKrishn 20st May 2021 Hanuman flies in air chanting Jai Sri Ram and says when he can become heavy with Garima siddhi, he can become lighter with Laghuma siddhi as his prabhu Sri Ram’s devotion is both heavy and light and keeps him free of worries. Everyone smile seeing that. Hanuman says his prabhu has offered him Prapti siddhi with which he can get any precious thing, he can fulfill his wishes via Pratyamya siddhi, he can guide himself in any situation with Ishatva siddhi, he can control any human or animals or trees via Vashitva siddhi and he got all these siddhis via his prabhu Sri Ram and they shouldn’t consider him great because of these as he is just a devotee. Nishat says according to him, Hanuman is the biggest devotee whose aradhya’s blessings are always on him. Ulmukh backs him. Radha tells Hanuman that she knows that he possesses ashtasiddhi and naunidhiyan; Mahapadmanidhi, padmanidhi, neelnidhi, mukundnidhi, nandnidhi, makarnidhi, kaschapnidhi, shanknidhi, kharvanidhi. Hanuman imagines getting all 9 nidhis from devi Seeta and tells Radha that she made him emotional by reminding him about these nidhis. Radha says she knows he is also Vajrabali who is already ready with his powers to serve his prabhu, she knows all his great deeds and nobody is powerful than him.

Hanuman asks her to stop as he knew once he informs her about his superpowers, she will herself accept her defeat; he is thankful to her that she is accepting her defeat in front of everyone. Radha says she is praising him doesn’t mean she accept defeat, she still feels her devotion is superior. Hanuman asks her to answer his questions. Radha agrees. Krishna says Radha will get equal chance to answer Hanuman’s answer. Sam asks Radha how can she challenge Hanuman who has so many superpowers. Nishant backs him and says Radha should accept Hanuman as superior devotee. Krishna tells Radha that she should decide whether to move ahead or back off. Radha says Sri Ram’s devotion can make Hanuman powerful, but Krishna’s devotion is for whole Dwarka’s betterment, Jai Sri Krishna.

Balram thinks if Radha’s answer will challenge Hanuman’s devotion. Devi Gauri tells Mahadev that Radha doesn’t have a single superpower like Hanuman, what will she do now. Radha remembers Krishna telling her that her biggest siddhi/power is his love for her. She tells Hanuman that she doesn’t have ashtasiddhi or navanidhiyan. Sam gets happy thinks now he will get revenge for his defeat and Radha has to accept her defeat. Radha says what Hanuman did was a result of his devotion, can he do what she can. Hanuman says he will accept her any challenge and will prove that he is a superior devotee. Radha asks if he can like her. He says he loves his prabhu Sri Ram immensely. Radha says he cannot love Krishna like her. He asks Krishna how can there be a difference in love. Radha closes her eyes and a bansuri sound plays. Citizens say this his Dwarkadish’s bansuri sound, but he is not playing bansuri. Hanuman asks where is this bansuri sound coming from. Radha says from her heart. Hanuman stands mesmerized. Radha says her each breath has bansuri sound, this is the kind of love between her and Krishna, can Hanuman do this. Hanuman asks how is this possible. Krishna says this sound is of his bansuri and asks if he can do what Radha did. Sam thinks Hanuman has superpowers and can do this easily. Hanuman says he cannot do this. Radha says it means like what she can do is impossible for him and similar for her. Krishna says its proved that both devotees are equal, they will test their devotion again tomorrow.

Hanuman thinks how is it possible that with Prabh Sri Ram’s devotion, he cannot do what Radha did. Laxmana asks Sam how Radha win over Hanuman. Sam says Krishna helped Radha win over Hanuman today, so they need to do something to defeat Radha by supporting Hanuman. She asks how will he. He asks her to wait and watch how he will make Hanuman win and defeat Radha. Hanuman thinks how can he be so helpless today, he couldn’t understand what happened today in competition, maybe its prabhu Sri Ram’s wish and his prabhu’s wish is his wish. Krishna hearing him thinks he shouldn’t be sad as a special unique moment will be in his life soon.

Hanuman returns to Balram. Balram taunts him that even with his superpowers, Radha gave him a tough challenge. Hanuman says it was his prabhu’s wish. Balram asks why did his prabhu let him lose. Hanuman warns him to not speak ill about his prabhu. Balram says he respects his prabhu Sri Ram, but he was answerless in front of Radha. Radha enters and says Hanuman didn’t lose, they are equal today and still the challenge is on. Hanuman thanks her. Radha requests him to free her Dau. Hanuman says he wants Radha’s prepared special laddus but cannot ask her to prepare them again, so he held Balram to make him prepare laddus for him. Radha says she will prepare laddus if he frees Dau. Hanuman withdraws his laxman rekha and says if Balram tricks him, he will fight with him. Balram says he is not afraid of a challenge. Radha assures that Balram will not trick him again and takes him away. Hanuman thinks whatever happened today never happened before, how will he move ahead in this competition now, Sri Ram should guide him now.

Sam takes Laxmana to a cave and says he will create problems for Krishna and whole Dwarka. Laxmana asks whom did they come to meet here. Sam says a powerful person is needed against Hanuman, people will blame Radha for winning by trick. Laxmana asks who is that powerful person. Sam says Mahadev bhakt Karmaphal Data Shani. Shani is seen walking.


RadhaKrishn 21st May 2021 20st May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Shani warns Hanuman for challenging Radha and ordes to leave Dwarka or else he will put his vakradristhi on him. Hanuman says he will not go without proving his point. Krishna says its time for the world to realize Hanuman’s power of devotion.


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