RadhaKrishn 20th July 2022 Written Episode Update


RadhaKrishn 20th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

RadhaKrishn 20th July 2022 Srinivas tells Padmavati that he came to Venkatgiri for Bhargavi and hence he cannot accept Padmavati’s love. Padmavati recalls Bhargavi telling her that she has a special relationship with Srinivas and cries saying she was a fool not to realize that, she asks him to go back to Bhargavi.

Srinivas asks if she is still angry even after showing his true identity. Padmavati says he is Narayan and not human, but she is a human and has anger and other feelings in her. She continues to vent out her anger.

Bhargavi’s friends get her ready for marriage and asks her to stop crying as Srinivas will not return and she has to marry Vasu. Bhargavi recalls Khyati’s words that Srinivas betrayed her and chose Padmavati instead.

Vidya asks Bhargavi to forget Srinivas. Bhargavi says she will forget Srinivas after knowing why he betrayed her and chose Padmavati over her, she will not marry Vasu till then.

Srinivas asks Padmavati to choose a man who would love her and not him who is already loves his Laxmi. Padmavati says she loves him and cannot spend her life with anyone else. Srinivas says sometimes they get their love in the next life.

Padmavati says she knows as a Narayan he can fulfill her wish and marry her in some other life as someone else, but she loves him in this life and if she cannot marry him, she will not marry anyone else. She walks away from there.

King prays Mahadev that he is in an ordeal as Srinivas took away his daughter and his son’s wedding arrangements are made, he doesn’t know what to do. Padmavati returns to palace. King asks where did Srinivas take her.

Padmavati says she will not do anything which will harm his dignity and asks him promise that he will do whatever she says. He promises and says he will punish Srinivas fo this sin. Padmavati recalls promising Srinvias not to reveal his identity to anyone and asks king to forgive Srinivas and call all the princes back,

she will apologize them and marry whoever is competent enough to marry her. King gets happy and says he will get both Vasu and Padmavati married tonight. Padmavati thinks Srinivas will not let Bhargavi married to anyone else.

Govindraj searches for Srinivas and finds him sitting on a stone. He tells him that he knows him since childhood and cared for him like an elder brother. He assures him that he will be with Bhargavi until he comes to marry her. Srinivas thanks him. Rishi Bhrigu continues to make wedding arrangements. Bhargavi thinks she truly loves Srinivas and if he also truly loves her, he has to come to her.


RadhaKrishn 20th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Srinivas marries Padmavati. Bhargavi writes a letter to Bhrigu that she loves only Srinivas and would sacrifice her life without him and leaves the house.


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