RadhaKrishn 22nd April 2021 Written Episode Update


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RadhaKrishn 22nd April 2021 Radha asks Banke Bihari if they will question even Dau. He says why not as he is a businessman and doubts everyone. She says she doesn’t want to question Dau who always thinks good for her. He says justice is equal for everyone. Laxmana reaches Patal Lok and gets afraid. Shukracharya says being Mahabali Duryodhan’s daughter, she shouldn’t be afraid of Patal lok; asks why didn’t she bring idol. She says there is a weird incident happening with idol and Radha is doubting even her and Sam of stealing the idol. Shukracharya asks why will Radha doubt her. Laxmana says they need to find out who is that man who is helping Radha. Shukracharya says only Krishna can help Radha. Laxmana says how can it happen as Krishna is not here. Shukracharya says Krishna is a mayavi/magician and can do anything. Laxmana says they have a good opportunity to end Radha by expelling her out of Dwarka. Shukracharya says his fight is with Krishna and not Radha. She promises that she will only kidnap Radha and not harm her. Shukracharya says an asuri power will help her in her task of getting Radha out of Dwarka. Laxmana asks who is it. He says she will find out at the right time.

Balram tells Radha that he couldn’t find her carved idol. Banke Bihari says he must have sold idol and is acting. She asks him to stop alleging Dau and inform him what to question Dau. Balram seeing no one around asks whom she is talking to. She says nothing. Banke Bihari asks her to question him instead of blabbering. Balram asks what is she saying. She nervously says she doubts even him of stealing the idol. Balram shocked asks how can he steal his brother’s idol which Radha made and searches a person who is provoking her against him. Radha asks Banke Bihari if she should inform him. He says she can and invite him to temple early morning. Radha tells Balram that she will find him in temple early morning. Balram says let him see who is he. Banke Bihari says Balram used to steal butter with Krishna and steal his food in childhood and now he is thinking of beating him, let us see what he does.

Tulsi cries reminiscing Radha’s words and thinks either she or Radha is wrong and she will meditate until she gets her answer and will continue even if she sacrifices her life. She prays Mahadev to show her truth. She starts chanting Om Namah Shivay. Devi Gauri noticing it tells Mahadev that Devi Tulsi is seeking help from him. Mahadev says it is also Krishna leela/magic and Devi Tusli will have to realize that her anger made her take a wrong decision and then will make her take back her curse, Krishna is also using Laxmana in his other task and will use Balram’s help there, he hasn’t used Radha in his task yet though. Gauri says Krishna has kept busy in a task. Mahadev says Radha hasn’t yet and once she gets into it, she will have to face immense pain. She asks how will Radha get out of it. Mahadev says only Banke Bihari can answer that.

Radha sees Banke Bihari sitting near shivling and asks to get aside. He says he is Mahadev’s devotee and friend, so he can sit here. She asks him not to misbehave with Balram as he is elder. Krishna goes to drink water. Laxmana enters with Dwarka citizens and says she wrongly alleged her on an unanimous man’s advice, so she brought citizens to know who that man is. Balram enters and asks to call that mischievous man. Radha says he has gone to drink water. Balram waits till evening and asks where is he, where did he go to drink water. Radha says she was here just before they came. Laxmana says Radha is imagining an invisible person and all Dwarka citizens think same. Citizens back her. Balram says there is a person who is fooling them and even Radha. Laxmana thinks she has to send Radha out of Dwarka somehow and tells Radha that she has lost her mental stability after Krishna disappeared and asks her to go out of Dwarka and meditate with saints. Radha says she is mentally sable. Laxmana asks her to calm down as she will feel immense peace out of out Dwarka and may find Krishna’s idolt here. Citizens back her again. Radha says she will not go out of Dwarka and made that idol with great difficulty and asks if Laxmana stole that idol. Laxmana acts as hurt. Balram asks Laxmana to return to Dwarka as he knows how much she is worried about Radha and Krishna and orders even Dwarka citizens to return to their homes. They all walk away.

Balram then asks Radha why she suffered alone and didn’t inform him. She asks him also to return to Dwarka as she will search her idol alone. Balram says he will not and guards outside temple. Radha says Banke Bihari fooled her and she hates him. Banke Bihari enters and asks whom she is hating. She says she fooled him and made her look insane in front of everyone, so she hates him and he should go from here. He says he had gone to drink water, but realized there is no water body nearby, so he went far away. She asks him to go from here and never return.


RadhaKrishn 23rd April 2021 22nd April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Radha tells Banke Bihari that her anger will calm down if he recites a poem. He recites poem and she smiles.


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