RadhaKrishn 22nd April 2022 Written Episode Update


RadhaKrishn 22nd April 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

RadhaKrishn 22nd April 2022 Srinivas thinks Bhargavi’s feet are tapping today, soon her heart will thrive for him and she can’t hide her love for him. Vasudev gets angry seeing Srinivas with Padmavathi and asks Bala why did he stop him from killing Srinivas, Srinivas dared to touch his sister and even must have manipulated rishi Bhrigu to postpone Padmavathi’s marriage for 3 months.

Bala asks him to concentrate on the archery competition in Kancheepuram and make sure his father announces his name in front of Kancheepuram guests. Vasudev asks him to kill Srinivas and Govindraj before that. Next day, guests arrive. Vasudev hopes his father announces his name for the competition in front of the guests.

Srinivas gets ready to visit Bhrigu’s house when Bala walks to them and lies that Padmavathi is calling them both. They both agree. Back to the courtyard, Kancheepuram guests invite king for an archery competition. King says he cannot participate this time as he is busy in his daughter’s wedding arrangements and hence his son Vasudev will participate. Guests deny. Vasudev says its his insult.

King asks him to calm down and listen to their justification. Guests say only king or crown prince can participate in the competition and Vasudev is neither both. King says Vasudev would be the future king and asks Bhrigu if he should perform Vasudev’s coronation or Padmavathi’s marriage first. Bhrigu suggests to finish marriage first as prince can wait. Vsaudev thinks its Bhrigu’s conspiracy.

Bala takes Srinivas and Govindraj to jail. Govindraj gets tensed and asks Srinivas if he angered Padmavathi that she is sending them to jail. Srinivas assures he didn’t do anything. Bala locks the door thinking they will die today. Soldiers surround them. Govindraj gets afraid. Srinivas thinks he doesn’t know what Vasudev is thinking. Vasudev walks to them and asks if they liked his security arrangement.

Govindraj relaxes. Vasudev says he saw Srinivas teaching dance to Padmavathi. Srinivas thanks him for praising him and says he will teach more dance moves to Padmavathi. Vasudev thanks him next and thinks he will prove the king that Srinivas is eyeing on Padmavathi and get him punished. Srinivas hears his plan and thinks he didn’t want to involve Vasu in his plan, but now will.

Padmavathi waits for Srinivas in Natraj temple. Srinivas tries to leave before she notices him and hides seeing Vasu coming.

Vasu taunts Padmavathi if her didn’t is missing. She says its none of his business. Her maids laugh, leaving him angry. Bhargavi waits for Srinivas on the other side. Her friends join her and says they are eager to meet Srinivas again.


RadhaKrishn 23rd April 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Srinivas thinks tikme for Bhargavi to know that he sent her those exotic flowers and loves her. Vasudev tells Bhargavi that he sent her those flowers.


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