RadhaKrishn 23rd July 2021 Written Episode Update


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RadhaKrishn 23rd July 2021 Radha applies her feet’s dust on Krishna’s forehead. Krishna’s pain vanishes instantly and he thanks Radha saying her love ended his pain. Mahadev tells Devi Gauri that Radha sacrificed everything to clear Krishna’s pain, this is true love. Devi Gauri thanks him for giving pain to Krishna. Krishna tells his asthabharis/8 wives that they were worried about sins and virtuous deeds and didn’t apply their feet dust to his forehead while Radha sacrificed her virtuosity and took sin on herself to clear his pain; whoever supports another in virtuosity is a companion and whoever takes sin on himself/herself in love is a true lover. Narad says he is lucky to witness Radha and Krishna’s love. Krishna says its time to go and they all walk away. Rukmini thinks she feels she unfit to sit in yagna with Krishna, but since Radha chose her, how will she inform her decision to Radha; she prays Mahadev to solve her problem. Mahadev hearing her tells Devi Gauri that only Krishna can solve her problem.

Narad tells Krishna that he wants to leave now as he made a mistake by insisting him to select one among asthabharis instead of Radha, he realized Radha Krishna’s immense and selfless love, he chanted his name Narayan his whole life but realized its true meaning only now, he wants to preserve his and Radha’s loving memories in his brain forever. Krishna says tathasthu. Narad disappears.

Balram orders servants to make arrangements for yagna soon. Krishna walks to Radha and asks if she still wants Rukmini to sit in yagna and not her. Their discussion starts. She says she asked Rukmini to sit in yagna, then how can she ask her to let her sit instead. He asks what if Rukmini herself doesn’t want to sit in yagna. Balram arranges yagna. Rukmini thinks how to inform Krishna that she doesn’t want to sit with him. Krishna asks where is the horse, if its lost in jungle instead of returning. Balram asks how is it possible. Panditji says yagna’s time has passed on and he cannot perform yagna now. Krishna says it must be also Mahadev’s wish. Devi Gauri asks Mahadev what did Krishna sys. Mahadev says with Radha applying her feet dust on Krishna’s forehead, all evil energies are destroyed, so there is no need for ashwamedh yagna now; he will go and returns Devraj Indra’s horse now. Krishna tells Rukmini that she cannot sit in yagna now as its canceled. Rukini thanks Mahadev for his help. Krishna thinks he will meet Mahadev as Mahadev did a leela to show the true meaning of love.

Mahadev tells Devi Gauri that Krishna is coming here and may get angry on him. Devi Gauri says he may get angry on even her. Narad emerges there and says its good yagna is canceled. Krishna walks in and asks if they are talking about him. Narad repeats. Krishna says credit goes to him and thanks him. Mahadev backs him. Narad disappears. Krishna tells Mahadev that he liked his leela. Mahadev says he acted as per his wish. Krishna asks him not to forget his next task and disappears. Mahadev tells Devi Gauri that her brother talks in puzzles, don’t know what he spoke about.

Krishna meets Radha in garden and says he met the truth alone. She says he is taunting her as she lost the test. He says he is praising her. She says she will do something on his birthday. He asks what. She says she doesn’t know but will try something. He asks what would she like to watch the most. She says after seeing his leela, she doesn’t feel like watching anything, but wants to watch a child’s naughty acts. Devi Gauri imagines Ganesh. Radha says a child’s naughty behavior makes a mother happy. Ganesh appears in front of Devi Gauri and asks if she called him. Devi Gauri gets happy seeing him.


RadhaKrishn 24th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Krishna says whole Kailash will enjoy Bal Ganesh’s naughty acts. Ganesh picks Mahadev’s trishul thinking it as a toy. Mahadev gets angry seeing that. Krishna smiles.


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