RadhaKrishn 23rd May 2022 Written Episode Update


RadhaKrishn 23rd May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

RadhaKrishn 23rd May 2022 Bhrigu gets a signal that Narayan has reached to take Bhargavi away. Srinivas thinks he should do something which will make Bhrigu give Bhargavi’s hand in his hand. Bhrigu asks his students to help him find an early muhurat for Bhargavi’s wedding. He himself finds Padmavathi’s wedding date after 1 month and Bhargavi’s wedding immediately next day.

His students agree. Bhrigu thinks he will try his best to keep Bhargavi away from Narayan. Srinivas thinks he will make sure Bhrigu himself gives Bhargavi’s hand in his hand. Student asks Bhrigu how will he find a competent match for Bhargavi so soon. Bhirgu say she already selected a person and will meet him soon.

Bhargavi gets angry on Srinivas when he doesn’t visit her to teach dance. Srinivas walks to her with ghungroo and when she doesn’t speak to him acts as leaving. She checks on him to check if he really went. He returns and says he was joking. She says she came to close the door and asks him to leave. He holds her hand. She stops.

Vasu gets angry recalling Bhargavi returning his gift and tells Bala that he wants to marry Bhargavi at any cost, so he wants Bala to meet Bhrigu and convince him for marriage. King Akash walks in and gives him Padmavathi’s swayamvar to the surrounding kingdom kings as they all will attend a swaymvar nearby.

Vsau says he has some important work. Knig scolds him to act responsible and change himself before its too late. Vasu fumes thinking about his daughter, he doesn’t know that Padmavathi is falling in Srinivas’ love and Srinivas with Bhrigu is conspiring something big. Bala returns and informs him that Bhrigu fixed Bhargavi’s wedding date immediately the next day after Padmavathi’s marriage. Vasu gets happy hearing that.

Bhargavi asks Srinivas if he will not teach her dance and if he wants Padmavathi to win. Srinivas says he had come in the morning with ghungroo for her, but she scolded and sent him away; he says these are Mahadev’s gifted ghungroo. Devi Gauri asks Mahadev if Srinivas is telling truth.

Mahadev says he have the ghungroo to Srinivas when he entered Natraj temple for the first time. Srinivas fixes ghungroo in Bhargavi’s feet and readies her for the dance practice. He thanks Mahadev for his help. Mahadev says he is eager to watch them reunite forever and promises that Natraj will be in the ghungroo to hep Bhargavi.


RadhaKrishn 24th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Bhargavi dances around Srinivas and feels dizzy. Srinivas holds her. Bhrigu thinks Vasu is the competent match for Bhargavi.


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