RadhaKrishn 24th May 2022 Written Episode Update


RadhaKrishn 24th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

RadhaKrishn 24th May 2022 Bhargavi dances wearing ghungroo. Devi Gauri tells Mahadev that Devi Laxmi is dancing wearing his ghungroo and hopes Srinivas and Bhargavi unite soon. Srinivas thinks there are many hurdles before he and Bhargavi can reunite. Rishi Bhrigu notices grocery carts.

Vasu walks in and says king is distributing grocery and wealth among citizens after fixing Padmavathi’s wedding date, distributed it among other rishis and brought it even for Bhrigu. Bhrigu thinks Vasu is the best match for Bhargavi. Vasu thinks he hit the arrow at the right spot.

Bhargavi collapses while dancing. Srinivas gets worried for her. Khyati informs him that Bhargavi didn’t have anything since the morning and goes to get water for Bhargavi. Srinivas scolds Bhargavi and goes to prepare food for her. Bhargavi feels good listening to his scolding.

Khyati gives water to Bhargavi and asks how is she feeling now. Bhargavi says she is fine now. Srinivas brings kheer for Bhargavi and insists her to have it. Khyati asks him to be with Bhargavi and make sure she finishes kheer. Srinivas feeds kheer to Bhargavi and asks her to rest while he goes and help Khyati in cooking.

Khyati returns and praises Srinivas for feeding the whole bowl of her to Bhargavi. Bhrigu returns and asks what is happening. Khyati says Bhargavi didn’t have anything since the morning. Bhrigu says Bhargavi must be tensed hearing about her marriage. Srinivas acts as surprised and happy.

Bhargavi gets angry on Srinivas and walks away saying she is fine. Bhrigu asks Khyati to go and check her. Srinivas says he is Bhargavi’s guru and can speak to her. Khyati permits him. Bhrigu informs Khyati that Vasu can be the one of the best match for Bhargavi. Srinivas gets sad hearing that.

Vasu laughs seeing his plan working. Balu suggests him to fix his alliance with Bhargavi. Vasu says once Bhrigu visits palace again, he will start his next plan and prove Bhrigu that he is the best match for Bhargavi. Back to Bhrigu’s house, he tells Khyati that he considers even Srinivas as the best match and wants Srinivas and Vasu to compete.

Srinivas gets happy hearing that. He walks to Bhargavi’s room and hears her fuming that Srinivas is a fool not to understand that she wants to marry him. He acts as least concerned and says he will just watch whom her father will choose for her. She asks him to select the boy for her then. He says he will and speak about it with Bhrigu.


RadhaKrishn 25th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Srinivas writes a love letter for Bhargavi and expresses his desire to meet her in the jungle. She happily runs towards the jungle.


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