RadhaKrishn 25th April 2022 Written Episode Update


RadhaKrishn 25th April 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

RadhaKrishn 25th April 2022 Bhargavi thiks don’t know what magic Srinivas did on her friends that they are eagerly waiting for him. Friends taunt Bhargavi why she is still conserving flowers gifted by a stranger. Bhargavi notices parijat flowers and recalls Srinivas also holding same flowers. On the other side,

Vasudev gets angry recalling Srinivas’ growing proximity towards Padmavathi and orders spies to keep an eye on Srinivas and Padmavathi during their dance practice tonight as he feels something big will happen tonight. Bala asks his plan. Vasudev says if Srinivas does a mistake tonight, he will be punished by king tomorrow morning. Srinivas thinks let him conspire as he won’t enjoy the drama else.

Srinivas visits rishi Bhrigu’s house and tells Khyati that he is ready for cooking and brought ingredients. Khyati says he is late as Bhrigu must be coming anytime and wants food on time. Srinivas assures her to prepare food before rishi reaches. Khyati welcomes him in.

Srinivas thinks he needs to impress his would be FIL with his skills and make him marry his daughter to him. Bhargavi’s friends walk to him and say they want to see how he impressed rishi Bhrigu with his skills. Srinivas cooks speedily. Friends thinks how can someone be so fast and perfect. Srinivas finishes cooking before Bhrigu reaches.

Bhrigu walks in and asks Khyati to serve him food as he needs to return to palace soon. Srinivas serves food to him and everyone. Bhrigu tastes food and says its amazing. Khayti informs that Srinivas prepared it alone. Bhargavi thinks he is very talented, but she wants to know why he is paying so much attention towards her.

She thinks if he is the one who sent her flowers and if so, she will complain rishi against him and get him punished. After finishing food, she throws flowers away. Srinivas helps her throw them and says he wanted to bring flowers for her and will not if she doesn’t want to. He throws the dry flowers in dustbin, leaving Bhargavi confused.

King expresses his concern for Vasudev in front of Bhrigu after today’s event in courtyard. Bhrigu says they will know if Vasudev can handle the kingdom in the future. King agrees. Once Bhrigu leaves, Srinivas walks to king and says he wants to visit citizens at night to find out their problems. King gets impressed with his thought.

Srinivas asks Bhargavi and her friends to go and get water from the lake while he rests in cowshed and will teach them dance in the morning. Bhargavi says they want to see his talent of filing water from lake. Srinivas thinks whatever she tries, he will not give up easily.


RadhaKrishn 26th April 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Padmavathi waits for Srinivas in Natraj temple. Srinivas teaches Bhargavi and her friend to fetch whole day’s water at once and carries multiple water pots on his head. Bhargavi picks a stone to break the pots.


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