RadhaKrishn 25th November 2019 Written Episode Update

RadhaKrishn Serial Written Updates

RadhaKrishn 25th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

RadhaKrishn 25th November 2019 Episode Start With Radha tells Krishna that he will leave after she fulfills her last promise. She says she will apply him holi, but he doesn’t have colors at all. He says who said he doesn’t have colors and throws color on her. Radha throws back color and they both runs around each other. They both then apply color to each other and dance. Krishna says from today a new ritual has started; whole world will play holi during day, but before that Radha and Krishna would have played holi in the night itself. Radha says no doubt. Sunrises, and Krishna says its time for him to go. Radha says she will walk with him till Barsana border. Radha walks with him holding his hand and near border they stand looking at each other.

In jail, Devaki sees lamp blowing off and tells Kans that all lamps have blown off except one last one and soon even it will blow off and her son will end Kans. Kans laughs and says he completed dhanuryagna and Mahadev himself gave him boon that nothing will happen to him until bow is intact, only Narayan can break the bow, so once this last lamp blows off, her son will die instead. Devaki says a mother’s heart cannot be wrong, her son will surely come and kill Kans.

Radha and Krishna walk till Barsana border holding each other’s hand. Krishna says last step is completed. Radha says she completed her 3rd promise and Krishna has to go now. Krishna’s tears fall on Radha’s hand. He frees his hand and turns his back on her. He then gets into chariot while Radha stands crying and turns her back on him next. Akroor tells Krishna that they have leave now as he got a message that Kans’ dhanuryagna is complete and he must have gone Mahadev’s boon, so they have to reach there and plan to break bow somehow. Krishna nods yes while charioteer drives chariot. Radha and Krishna looks at each other one final time.

Nand with his team reaches Mathura before Krishna and tells his team that Krishna has come to free his parents and they have to make sure of his safety. Akroor stops midway and says he doesn’t have courage to go further from here. Balram tells Krishna according to fate Akroor has to take him to Mathura, what will he do now. Krishna asks him to wait and watch. Devi Parvathi asks Mahadev why did he put Krishna in a dilemma by giving boon to Kans, if Krishna breaks now people will find out he is Narayan and if he doesn’t, he will be insulted; he should do something now. Mahadev says Radha has to do whatever has to be done now and for that she has to think with calm mind. Radha reminisces Akroor’s words and gets worried for Krishna.


RadhaKrishn 26th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Kans orders to prepare protective barrier around bow and if Krishna tries to enter to kill him right away. Nand hears that and sends message to Krishna not to come there. Radha receives that letter and runs towards Krishna to stop him. Krishna reaches Mathura, Nand asks if he didn’t get his letter.


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