RadhaKrishn 26th May 2021 Written Episode Update


RadhaKrishn 26th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

RadhaKrishn 26th May 2021 Hanuman flies away telling Radha that he will soon return to this sabha/gathering with his prabu Ram. Krishna feels guilty for helping Radha and apologizes Hanuman in mind. Radha requests Hanuman not to go as she made a mistake and says she will chant Jai Sri Ram if he wants. He says he wants to prove his devotion for his prabhu Sri Ram, so he cannot accept her request. Krishna walks to Hanuman next. Hanuman asks him not to ask him to stay here. Krishna asks even if Radha requests. Hanuman says not to take Radhika’s name as she is too good and fed him ladus, he trusted Krishna who broke his trust. Krishna says that means he trusted him and asks where is he going. Hanuman asks not to act as he is forcing him to go, he is going to meet his prabhu even though he knows that his Prabhu was from treta yug, but his prabhu will come to Dwapar yug to meet him; he knows his prabhu stays at Kishkinda moutain and he is going there.

Radha walks to Krishna next and asks why is he going behind Hanuman while he had come to stop him. Krishna says he wants to spend time alone as he is not feeling god, she should be happy as Hanuman has left. Radha says she is crying instead for hurting Hanuman and she shouldn’t have sought Krishna’s help. Krishna says why wouldn’t he fulfill his friend’s request. She asks where is he going. He says he is going for the sake of Hanuman and walks away. Hanuman flies towards Kishkinda mountain. Krishna says he will go wherever his Hanuman goes as he is incomplete without Radha and Hanuman.

Hanuman searches Kishkinda mountain and thinks earth has changed from Treta yug to Dwapar yug, how will he find it. Krishna says Hanuman’s search will end soon. Hanuman reaches Kishkinda mountain and senses his prabhu’s presence there. He thinks he was born here and met his prabhu here for the first time. He goes into flashback where Seeta tells him that she is happy with his service and offers him pearl neklace which Ram offered her during marriage and he stays in it. Ram says she shouldn’t give it to Hanuman. She says why is he stopping and gives it to Hanuman. Hanuman breaks each pearl and says she told Ram stays in this necklace, but he doesn’t stay in it. She says she meant its Ram’s love for her. He says she can imagine Ram in it as she is married to him, but he is a bachelor and thinks Ram and Seeta stays in him. He tears his chest chanting jai Sri Ram and shows Ram and Seeta’s imagine in it. Radha says he proved that Ram stays in his heart and he is the biggest devotee of Ram.

Out of flashback, he says mata Seeta told he is prabhu’s biggest devote, so Prabhu should meet him right now. Ram emerges and says he will meet him soon. Hanuman says if he doesn’t come to Dwarka, Radha and Dwarka citizens will consider him a liar, so he should come to Dwarka. Ram says he will meet him. Hanuman asks what is the brightness around him. Ram says its the brightness of Hanuman’s devotion and says he will meet him soon and all Dwarka citizens to prove his devotion as he is because of Hanuman’s devotion. Hanuman thanks him and chants Jai Sri Ram. Krishna thinks Hanuman found his Ram somehow, whether its Tretya yug or Dwapar yug, Ram is present always in Hanuman’s heart.

Radha sees people gathering and asks Nishat why everyone gathered here. Nishat says Krishna gathered them all here to prove Hanuman’s devotion. Radha says he has gone out, then how can he gather them. Krishna enters and says he gathered them here to prove Hanuman’s devotion. Radha says she doesn’t want to compete with Hanuman as he is a true devotee and she has already hurt him. Krishna says Hanuman’s tears will bring some light in Dwarka. Hanuman flies down and thanks Krishna for organizing this sabha and Radha for her challenge because of which he could meet Ram. Radha says she doesn’t want to compete with him, but wants to say why she is Krishna’s biggest devotee; she didn’t open her eyes when she was born till she saw Krishna, she was always with Krishna since birth and loves him immensely, so why don’t Hanuman accept her as biggest devotee. Hanuman asks her to calm down as his prabhu will answer all her questions. Balram asks where is his prabhu. Hanuman says his prabhu is in Dwarka itself and calls Ram. A bright light emerges. Everyone closes eyes unable to bear it. Krishna showing his divine form asks Hanuman to open eyes. Hanuman realizes Krishna is Ram.


RadhaKrishn 27th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Krishna tells Hanuman that he is the biggest devotee and has to show the meaning of devotion to Dwarka. Hanuman says as he wishes.


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