RadhaKrishn 26th November 2019 Written Episode Update

RadhaKrishn Serial Written Updates

RadhaKrishn 26th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

RadhaKrishn 26th November 2019 Episode Start With Kans keeps dhanush/bow in indoor stadium and calls his 8 asur brothers to emerge and once they emerge asks them to not let Krishna near dhanush as he is sure Krishna will arrive here and try to break dhanush, so he wants them to create ashta chakravyuha and protect dhanush with Mathura army and if Kans tries to cross chakrayuha to kill him right away. He asks Mathura citizens to become his spies and inform him when they see Krishna. Nand mingling among citizens hears Kans’ plan.

Akroor denies taking Krishna to Mathura as he cannot risk Krishna’s life. Krishna says his fate is to reach Mathura via Akroor. Krishna assures nothing will happen to him. Akroor continues pleading. Balram asks Krishna to show his real avatar to Akoor, else Akroor will not complete his task. Akroor kneels down and pleads Krishna not to go to Mathura. Krishna says he is his disciple and has right to know his real avatar, so he walks aback and shows his Narayan avatar. Akroor gets emotional and thanks Narayan for giving his divine darshan. Krishna says let us go now.

Nand gives letter to his aide and asks him give it to Krishna. Radha walks in market thinking she has to stop Krishna somehow, sees Nand’s aide and asks what is he doing here. He gives her letter and says he has to give it to Krishna. Radha reads letter that Krishna’s life is in danger and to not reach Mathura, gets worried and thinks of informing Krishna. Kutila and Ayan hear her and say its good if Krishna dies and they want him to die and get out of their lives forever. Radha slams them for thinking such and rushes to stop Krishna. Krishna travels in chariot with Balram and Akroor.

Gowri mata sees Radha running and tells Mahadev that she will stop Krishna for sure. Mahadev says he doesn’t want Radha to stop Krishna and emerging in front of Radha asks her not to stop Krishna. Radha says Krishna’s life is in danger. Mahadev says Krishna is capable of warding off any risk, so she should not stop him; her pure and divine love for Krishna is enough to protect him and Krishna is in each atom around her and will come to her if she calls him. He asks her not to change kaal chakra and disappears. Radha thinks how to stop Krishna and calls him. Krishna emerges and asks if she doesn’t trust Mahadev, she should believe that her Krishna is capable of fighting any danger. Radha says he is right. Krishna wiggles her tress and says her love is his most powerful weapon.


RadhaKrishn 27th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Krishna steps into Mathura, Devaki and Vasudev sense his arrival. Akroor informs Kans that his long-awaited wish is fulfilled and Krishna is in Mathura.Kans shouts to inform cowherd Krishna that he accepts his challenged.


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