RadhaKrishn 27th August 2020 Written Episode Update


RadhaKrishn 27th August 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

RadhaKrishn 27th August 2020 Devraj Indra angrily asks who is this human who is attacking Takshak without my fear. Arjun says he is Arjun and is doing his duty. Devraj Indra realizes his son Daivik Arjun is fight against him. Arjun showers arrows and Devraj Indra destroys them. Kunti requests Krishna to stop Arjun from fighting with his daivik father. Krishna says this is just the beginning. Takshak insists Devraj Indra to kill Arjun. Devraj Indra says Arjun is his Daivik son and let him see what Arjun will do. Panchali pleads Arjun to stop as she is taking back her words. Arjun says he will not break his oath though and continues showering arrows which Devraj Indra fails with rain/water. Arjun asks Krishna how to defeat Takshak now. Krishna says fire and water are equally powerful and if he has to win, he has to increase fire power by getting Agnidev on his side, but he has not done any tapasya to please Agnidev. Arjun says he understood and throwing fire arrows in air says he will sacrifice himself to please Agnidev. Kunti pleads Arjun not to do that. Arrows fall back around Arjun and he is surrounded by fire. Agnidev emerges, sets off fire, and says he gets happy if someone gives half of his food to him, but Arjun sacrificed his life for him, so he wants to give him a boon. Arjun says he wants to destroy Takshak’s jungle. Agnidev says only Brahmadev’s Gandiva bow has most power in it which can defeat Devraj Indra’s attacks via continuous fire arrows and offers him Gandiva bow. Arjun picks Gandiva bow and says he will destroy Takshak’s jungle now.

Takshak pleads Indra Dev to remember his promise of protecting him and kill Arjun now. Indra Dev via telepathy seeks Krishna’s help. Krishna says Arjun has headed on the path of dharma and is following his duty, so Indra should also forget that Arjun is his Daivik son and follow his duty. Fierce battle continues between Arjun and Indra Dev. Indradev warns Arjun to stop, else he will use his Vajra. Arjun says even he will use his Brahmastra. They both shoot their weapons. Krishna freezes time and tells Indra Dev that he knows if these 2 weapons collide, they will destroy whole universe, hence Indra Dev should control his ego and use some other way to protect Takshak. Indra takes back Vajra, and Krishna asks Brahmadev to take back Brahmastra.

Takshak again provokes Indra Dev to kill Arjun as he is his Daivik son and not biological and reminds his promise. Indradev says it is better if Takshak leave this jungle to protect himself and orders to leave. Takshak says he will not accept defeat by a mere human and will take revenge. Indra Dev says one who can sacrifice his life for his goal is greater than Devs and he is happy to accept defeat via Arjun. He says since Arjun got this land by defeating Indra, he will name it Indraprastha.


RadhaKrishn 28th August 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Krishna tells Radha that he will establish dharma with Arjun after sometime, but needs to return to Dwarka first and asks Radha to accompany him. Shakuni says he has developed an ardent enemy for Krishna. Krishna returns to Dwarka and sees his doppelganger Vasudev Sri Krishna Pandruka.


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