RadhaKrishn 27th September 2022 Written Episode Update


RadhaKrishn 27th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

RadhaKrishn 27th September 2022 Apasmar throws a weapon on Mahadev and disrupts his dance. He then erases Parvati and other ladies’ good memories. Parvati asks Nandi and gangrept why are they holding musical instruments, are they planning for a celebration.

Mahadev says they are playing music while he is dancing to make her experience the greatness of womanhood. Devi Gauri says she is sad instead and cannot be happy at all. Mahadev gets sad and tries to calm her down, but fails.

Apasmar boasts that nobody can defeat him and he can erase anyone’s beautiful memories. Krishna tries to calm down Radha. Radha says she is sad because of him and he always makes her sad.

Revati and Laxmana also complain same to Balram and Saambh and walk away. Saambh says Krishna’s plan to make all women happy, women don’t get happy whatever they try. Balram thinks its all because of Apasmar and Apamsar should be punished for his heinous act.

Krishna plays bansuri and tries to please Radha again. Radha recalls all the memories with him and blames him for not bothering about her happiness or sorrows at all and walks away. Balram walks to Krishna and asks why don’t he punish Apasmar for his sins. Krishna says only Mahadev has a solution for Apasmar.

Indradev and other gods visit Mahadev and ask him to tackle Apasmar. Mahadev says who will confront Apasmar. Krishna enters and says he will meet Apasmar and confront him. Shukracharya watches them via telepathy and laughs thinking all women will go to a special place where Krishna cannot even reach.

Krishna meets Apasmar and warns him to mend him or else he will face dire consequences. Apasmar insults Krishna. Devi Parvati visits Radha and other women and says she is unhappy with Mahadev as he doesn’t care of her happiness. All women say same about their husbands. Devi Gauri suggests to shift to some place where their husbands cannot identify them.


RadhaKrishn 28th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Mahadev warns Apasmar that his damru will destroy Apasmar’s evilness. Apasmar mocks him. Mahadev starts rudra tandav.


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