RadhaKrishn 28th April 2022 Written Episode Update


RadhaKrishn 28th April 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

RadhaKrishn 28th April 2022 Srinivas tells Padmavathi that its late night and if he drops her back to palace, people may badmouth about her. Padmavathi says she will go on her own then. Srinivas shows her route to the palace. She asks where is he going. He says he can’t reveal it but will surely visit her tomorrow morning to teach her dance. Padmavathi leaves. Srinivas then troubles Vasu’s spies.

Vasu wakes up king in the middle of the night and says he saw something which he also needs to see. King hopes its an important issue. Srinivas misleads Vasu’s spies and jumps from the clip. Bala rejoices seeing that nad thinks Srinivas must have seen the spies and fearing his life jumped from the cliff.

Vasu eagerly waits for Bala to return and give him good news. Bala returns and informs that Srinivas jumped from the cliff and committed suicide, so Vasu need not worry about Srinivas now. Vasu says he wanted to catch Srinivas red handed and get him punished by the king. King walks to him ready.

Vasu says he need not go now as the issue is solved. King scolds him for wasting his time and says if he continues his childish behavior, he may not become a future king. Bala asks Vasu not to feel bad with the king’s scolding. Vasu says he is happy instead that Srinivas is no more to trouble him.

Next morning, Padmavathi hurriedly gets ready to meet Srinivas. Vas with Bala walks to her and confidently says that Srinivas will never come. Padmavathi denies to believe him. He gets adamant. Srinivas walks in and asks if someone remembered him. Padmavathi says Vasu told Srinivas will never come. Srinivas says he doesn’t break his promise and he is here to get what he came for, thinking about Bhargavi.

Padmavathi feels shy hearing that and praises Srinivas’ loyalty towards Venkatgiri. Vasu punishes spies for lying about Srinivas’ suicide. Bala says even he saw Srinivas jumping from the cliff. Vasu says then Srinivas is a big magician, he himself will visit Bhrigu’s house and find out what Srinivas and Bhrigu are up to.

Srinivas teaches dance moves to Padmavathi and says he will teach the remaining moves tomorrow. Padmavathi asks if its important for him to go so soon. Srinivas says yes and leaves. Bhargavi searches for the person who gifted her flowers and thinks who he must be. Srinivas thinks she will know its him and will fall in his love.


RadhaKrishn 29th April 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Bhargavi tells Srinivas that she found out that Vasu sent her those flowers. Vasu insults Srinivas.


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