RadhaKrishn 29th November 2019 Written Episode Update

RadhaKrishn Serial Written Updates

RadhaKrishn 29th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

RadhaKrishn 29th November 2019 Episode Start With Kans laughs on Devaki and says she hoped lamp will blow off, but it didn’t at all. Devaki says when her son will end his life, this lamp will blow off along with his life. Kans says he will end both her belief and her trickster son. Krishna thinks he is so innocent that he will break his own created chakravyuh/barrier. Guards inform Kans that Krishna has entered chakravyuh and Mathura citizens have watched him entering. Kans creates magical vision and tells Devaki that her son entered chakravyuh, but will not be able to come out as he will go and kill him right away. He walks to the venue and insists his brother guarding 1st chakravyuh to let him go in as Krishna has entered chakravyuh to break dhanush/bow.

Brother says he is Krishna came in disguised as Kans and cannot go in. Kans warns he is real Kans, but brother doesn’t believe. Kans punishes all brothers and soldiers and breaking all chakravyuh barriers reaches dhanush, but doesn’t find Krishna there and realizes Krishna tricked him. Brother say he is really Krishna and apologizing him for not identifying him say he himself broke all the barriers and cleared Krishna’s hurdles. Kans says let Krishna come here, he will kill Krishna right away.

Radha continues chanting Krishna’s name in her heart. Jatila thinks she did right by making Radha follow mounvrath, she cannot chant Krishna’s name. Radha feels sad that she is unable to chant Krishna’s name loudly. Krishna emerges in front of her, and she happily thinks he can hear her even when she calls him in mind. Kutila tells Ugrapath that Radha took Krishna’s name. Ugrapath says he didn’t hear anything.

Mathura citizens ask Krishna when will he break Kans’ dhanush. Krishna says a small kid Abhinav will break dhanush. Everyone eagerly wait to watch the incident. Balram asks Krishna why did he promise that a kid will break dhanush when as per fate Krishna has to break it. Krishna says he time has to stop once again and history has to repeat, Yamuna has to give him way to pass, etc. He walks while a flood is created in Yamuna with thunderstorms in sky, etc. Kans gets tensed that same event happened when Krishna is born and he is seeing it again. Krishna freezes time and walks towards Dhanush with Abhinav


RadhaKrishn 2nd December 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Krishna seeks Mahadev’s permission to break his gifted dhanush to Kans. Kans panics seeing broken dhanush and thinks he will be killed soon.


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