RadhaKrishn 29th September 2020 Written Episode Update


RadhaKrishn 29th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

RadhaKrishn 29th September 2020 Pandavs apologize Draupadi for letting her insulted and request for forgiveness. Draupadi says after seeing today’s event, it is clear that her husbands can do anything to protect her, in the past they were helpless, but not now, she is sure they will protect her dignity from hereon. Krishna says because this act, he forgives Pandavs. Yudistra says after killing senapati Keechak, everyone would be searching the murderers, so they should leave this place right now. In Hastinapur, Dushyasan informs Duryodhan that someone killed Keechak. Duryodhan says its impossible as only Balram, him, or Bheem can kill powerful Keechak; it means Bheem killed Keechak, so they should increase security around Matsya pradesh border and catch Pandavs before they escape.

Pandavs reach Matsya pradesh border when Duryodhan with Dushyasan and soldiers reach there and laughs saying he found Pandavs and Draupadi. Dushyasan says if Pandavs had handed over Draupadi, they wouldn’t have been in trouble again. Bheem warns him to mind his tongue. Druapadi says she wants Dushyasan’s blood of chest as a gift. Bheem promises her. Duryodhan says he found them before 12 years vanvas and 13 years agyatvas, so as per rules if they are identified in this period, they should spend another 13 years in vanvas and agyatvas. Nakul says they already spent vanvas and agyatvas. Yudistra says Duryodhan is right, they will go on another 13 years of vanvas and agyatvas. Duryodhan happily leaves. Yudistra says their vanvas is not yet complete until Madhav forgives them. They all agree. Krishna enters. They all greet and bend in front of him. Krishna says he has forgiven them and its time for them to return to Indraprastha. Draupadi says he is right. Krishna says he will go to Hastinapur with a peace message and request king Dhritarastra to return their land. In Hastinapur, Bhisma and Vidhur happily discuss that after 13 years of vanvas and agyatvas Pandavs will return soon. Duryodhan enters and says they will not as he found them before that and as per rules, they have to spend another 13 years in vanvas and agyatvas. Bhism gets angry and asks why he troubles pandavs always, what he did is wrong, Pandavs already spent their punishment and should return back. Dhritastra says what Duryodhan just followed his duty and shouldn’t be blamed.

Radha asks Krishna why he wants to visit Hastinapur as peace messenger instead of letting Pandavs fight for their right. Krishna says the peace after war is silence and not peace and he doesn’t want any bloodshed. She says she is worried that Duryodhan will make a mistake and Krishna will take his rudra avatar. Krishna says if she will come along to stop him. She says yes in his heart. He says she is always in his heart and says let him see what Pandavs want. He meets Pandavs and asks what should he ask Dhritarastra as a peace messenger. Bheem says they should get at least 50% Hastinapur for their suffering. Nakul and Sahdev back him. Arjun says he doesn’t want to fight with Bhisma, Vidhur and other dear ones, so they should get 25% Hastinapur at least. Yudistra says even he wants peace among his relatives and his happy with Arjun’s suggestion. Krishna asks Draupadi next who says whether the kingdom is big or small, she will be maharani, so she is happy with whatever they get. Krishna leaves for Hastinapur. In Hastinapur, guard informs Dhritarastra and others that Krishna as a peace messenger is bringing Pandavs’ request and has already reached Hastinapur.


RadhaKrishn 30th September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Krishna suggests Dhritarastra to gift 5 small cities to Pandavs. Duryodhan shouts its impossible and shouts that he will arrest Krishna in chains. Krishna warns him to dare touch him as has power of whole universe and is in each living being, Duryodhan can stop the upcoming mishap if he wants to.


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