RadhaKrishn 2nd July 2021 Written Episode Update


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RadhaKrishn 2nd July 2021 Radha serves Krishna fanning him and feeding him water. Krishna says he is feeling hungry again, so if she can feed him. He extends her hand towards food plate when Krishna says he is feeling warm. She feeds him continuing to fan him. He says he is feeling leg pain, if someone can press his legs. She says she will press his legs and also fan him till falls asleep. He asks her to continue fanning him or else he will wake up. She asks him to sleep peacefully and once he acts asleep leaves. Sam asks Guru Shukracharya how can they reunite evil powers. Shukracharya says via ashwamedh yagna and he should inform him whenever it is performed. Sam asks how are these 2 things related. Shukracharya says they are. Gods meet Mahadev and Gauri and discuss that after Alakshmi’s attack, evil energies have dispersed and now Krishna has to prove that he is most powerful in the universe. Devi Gauri says Krishna is most powerful. Gods says even then he has to prove it. Mahadev says Krishna has to perform ashwamedh yagna and he will convince Krishna for it.

Radha continues serving Krishna. Krishna gets teary eyed in emotions. Radha asks if she did anything wrong. He says he feels immense pleasure with her service and asks her to rest now. Once she leaves, Balram walks in and asks why is he troubling Radha. Their discussion continues when guard informs that a saint wants to meet Krishna. Krishna asks him to serve the saint till he comes. Guard says saint is adamant to see him first. Krishna with walks out and sees Mahadev disguised as saint acting angry and threatening to curse Krishna. Krishna apologizes him and signals Balram. Balram sends guards away. Krishna requests to accept his hospitality. Mahadev says he will not until he accepts his demand. Krishna says he will accept his aradhya’s every demand. Balram is surprised to hear that. Mahadev gets into his original form and says Krishna has to perform ashwamedh yagna to control evil energies spread around the world. Krishna says he cannot without Lakshmi as yagna is performed with life partner. Mahadev disappears. Balram asks why can’t he perform yagna with Radha. Krishna explains that he has 16108 wives, out of which 8 patranis and he has to chose one among them, a better half who can complete him, Radha is his better half but not his wife, so he cannot perform yagna.

Gods tells Mahadev that even Sri Krishna doesn’t want to help them, so Mahadev should find some solution. Mahadev says only one person who is Krishna’s ardent devotee can convince Krishna. God asks who is he. Mahadev says Narayan. Narayan emerges and says Mahadv must have called him for an important task. mahadev says its indeed an important task and only Narayan’s biggest devotee can help him. Narad says Narayan is complete and doesn’t need anyone’s help. Mahadev says sometimes Narayan also needs help and Narad shouldn’t back off even if Narayan asks him not to. Narad asks what is this difficult task. Mahadev says Narayan himself denied to perform this task, so Narad should convince him for that. Narad says when Narayan denied, he cannot help.

Radha gathers all women and informs that Krishna’s birthday is coming and they need to plan it. Krishna asks Balram where all the women have gone. Balram says Radha with them all must be planning his birthday celebration. Krishna says he wants to gift something to Radha instead. Balram asks what is it. Radha tells her team that she wants to gift something unique to Krishna. They say let us finish cooking first and then decide about it. Radha says they will not move from here or cook until they decide. They think what Radha is planning. Krishna tells Balram thatg he wants to fulfill Radha’s each wish during this janmastami as this may be last celebration.


RadhaKrishn 3rd July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Narad informs Radha that all gods are orgnaizing ashwamedh yagna on Krishna’s birthday. Krishna challenges him that will not perform ashwamedh yagna. Narad accepts challenge.


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